Feipark | April Spring

2021-04-30 11:38:36  作者:Literary FM


Lift up your heads

Looking at the sky

The wind is blowing

between breath

It's spring at the end of April

Four seasons a year

Every season

Each has its own sense of hierarchy

This sense of hierarchy

It's like growing up automatically

Over time

Through the color change of new buds

It shows

In the early spring

New shoots have just arrived in the world

Yes, everything is still fresh

New shoots are also very green

After a few weeks

New shoots are growing

Gradually take root in the place where you settle down

A little bit of integration with the surrounding

It's like I have my own world

From the beginning to

To become a full-time official

Become the master of spring


Because of the new bud's becoming a regular

It seems to be more relaxed

Even the temperature of the wind matches the best


At the end of April

The sun is warm

Svalande Vind

It's just fine

Maybe it's just the right state

Wake up the soft steps of early summer

Quietly leading the spring to dance

The temperature of the wind

Set the tone of spring

New color

It forms the sense of hierarchy of spring

Before the fiercer summer comes

I really feel

April Spring

It's a different moment when it's real

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