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The dance of the wind

Shoot peonies in the peony garden , I happened to see a kind of flower , In the elegant peony flowers , There is still a special temperament , It's still eye-catching , It's a real eye opener .

It's not until you ask , This kind of small and bright flower is called peony . that , Is peony a kind of peony ?

Actually ,“ Peony in purse ” Also known as linger grass , It's called “ Peony ”, But not peony . Peony belongs to Paeoniaceae , It's woody , Peony belongs to Papaveraceae , It's herbaceous . It's called peony , Just because the leaves and peony leaves look like each other .

The dance of the wind

The dance of the wind

You see ,“ Peony in purse ” Clusters of pink heart-shaped flowers hang on the branches , It's so intricate 、 Don't be amorous , It's like hanging delicate red lanterns in festivals , It's very festive 、 Meaningful and beautiful .

You know what? ,“ Peony in purse ” My flower language is to promise to pursue , Promise to propose . If someone pursues you , If you want to promise, you can send back the peony to show your meaning , Promise his pursuit .

Peony flowers are exquisite when it blooms , It looks like a purse , So it's called the peony of the purse .

About the peony purse , There are many legends .

In Chinese Folk Literature , Peony is always about love . as everyone knows , The purse is a keepsake of love between young men and women in ancient times , It's purity 、 A symbol of faithful love .

It is recorded in the ancient books how many girls in spring embroider their dreams into purses , To those in my heart , Reposes the continuous sentiment and the trickle missing . And once the guy receives this extraordinary gift from his sweetheart , I'll always be with you , Take special care of .

However “ Peony in purse ” Medium “ pouch ”, It's a token that hasn't been delivered successfully .

It is said that in ancient times, there was a place called “ Under the temple ” The village of , There is a beautiful girl in the village 、 Gentle and virtuous 、 have clever hands and good sense . She turned her colorful dream of youth into landscape and flowers , Embroidered on the purse , Very beautiful . The flowers and plants on the purse are vivid , It often attracts bees and butterflies to dance .

Such a girl is naturally the goddess in the hearts of young people in eight neighboring villages , There is an endless stream of door-to-door marriage promotion , But the girl was not moved at all , Because the girl has already made a promise , With the right person .

The boy and the girl are childhood friends , But he was called up two years ago , Go to the border to defend the border , After leaving home , have no news at all .

Girl's heart goes to Yuguan , A thousand curtain lights at night , I'm looking forward to my lover's return day and night , In the long wait , In order to repose the love in my heart , The girl embroiders a purse every month and hangs it on the peony branch in front of the door , in the course of time , The purse forms a string , It grows on Peony branches , It's today's “ Peony in purse ”.

The dance of the wind