Decorate the lake and mountain, call up and down several heavy Pavilion; Look at Wuyue, change the southeast first state.

2021-04-30 11:13:39  作者:Life journey

Decorate the lake and mountain , Call up and down a few heavy Pavilion ;

Look at Wu Yue , The first state in the Southeast .

—— Ye Yiwei wrote about Chenghuang Pavilion in Wushan mountain .

Ye Yiwei , Word navigation , It's like , Don't worry about it 、 Longma mountain people ,1918 year 4 month 13 Sunrise was born in caomahu, Wuyi . He used to be a librarian of Zhejiang literature and History Research Institute 、 Consultant of Zhejiang Calligrapher Association 、 Director of Xiling Seal society 、 Consultant of Zhejiang electric power Calligraphers Association 、 Consultant of Zhejiang Zhijiang poetry society 、 Vice president of Hangzhou CPPCC poetry club 、 Honorary chairman of Wuyi Calligrapher Association .2002 In, the provincial government awarded it “ Old writers and artists with outstanding contributions ” The title of .

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