Split pear flower

2021-04-30 11:13:29  作者:Life journey

F My sister lives near the zoo , There are more than ten old pear trees behind the giraffe house , When there is news of flowers , She just posted it in the group , I got there in a hurry , No delay in flowering .

Some people say , Flowers have flowers . Humans like to give flowers some symbolic meaning , Generally, the symbolic meaning of a certain flower is relatively fixed , But pear flower is split , When I was shooting pear blossom , Three scenes flashed in my mind :

firstly : Girl

“ The rain hit the pear blossom and closed the door ”, It comes from Li Chongyuan's poems in the Southern Song Dynasty , Tang Bohu cited the allusion again ,《 A dream of red mansions 》 I still use this sentence to drink , It's all about “ pear blossom bathed in the rain -- a weeping beauty ” It means . I understand that the white delicate pear flower is a metaphor for a woman with powdered noodles , Pear blossom with rain is crying , The image of a weak woman with tears on her face , These poems are nothing more than boudoir resentment , Hurt spring kind of emotion .

second : old man

Only Su Dongpo, who is humorous, doesn't play cards according to common sense , Sing a literati style Flow stories , The Poet Zhang Xian married an 18-year-old woman at the age of 80 , Su Shi, a friend of Zhang Xian, wrote “ A pear tree Flower pressure Chinese flowering crabapple ” The sentence satirizes Zhang xianlao Cattle eat tender The grass , The color of pear flower is used to describe the old man with white head . Many of the novels in Ming Dynasty have this passage , It belongs to folklore , Maybe because Su Da is famous , It's more interesting to put the story on his head .

third : Heroic feelings

Pear blossom also reminds me of the songs of the former Soviet Union “ katyusha ”,“ Just as the pear Flowers are blooming all over the sky The end , Floating on the river With soft and loose gossamer ”, This song of defending our country in World War II is very popular , The melody is very heroic .

A good pear blossom actually caused me these “ Thirteen don't depend on ” Association of , It's also a mess .

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