My ideal life

2021-04-30 11:12:44  作者:Photo essay column

After college , My first job was in a big company , Frequent business trips , Often stay up late , Overdraft your body . Although the salary is higher , But I don't want to trade health for money , I choose to resign .

My friend was puzzled , Ask me , How to quit your job ? I said, , Health is the real wealth , My wish is to have a good body .

Someone wants to be an official , Some people want to be famous . Everyone's pursuit is different , My ideal is to be a common people , No official is light , Don't ask for wealth , I just want to live a peaceful life .

Grow up in Economic Age , I have two part-time jobs , Try to develop the economy . Only with money can we resist the ups and downs of life , To improve the quality of life , I want to stay away from poverty .

My ideal life : A healthy body , In peace , No disease, no disaster , Make enough money to spend . Have these , I'm already satisfied , For life ?

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