Take a touch of spring and let the long lost smile bloom like a flower

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Spring flowers , bright spring days , The grass sprout out of the earth , TaoGongLiuLu . The morning glow draws the red sun , White clouds are drunk in the blue sky .

About three or five friends , Pack a simple bag , With a good mood , Go in spring , Don't let go of the beautiful spring , Take a romantic walk on the go !

Walking in the wild , That soft , Bibi's , Grass with pearls , Leisurely , Wriggling his slender waist timidly, he danced in the wind . It's very careful , Wipe the sweat off your forehead , I'm afraid I'll be surprised by spring's dream , Disturbing the birds' singing .

Bend down , Take a deep smell of the grass , Round dewdrops roll and roll , Crystal clear , If you don't pay attention, pearl will drop down , It disappeared in a flash , A man plunges into the land of deep love .

This situation can't help but make waves in my heart , Regrets ten thousand ! I sigh that time is like a fleeting moment , Always wasted time between the casual and casual , Failed to live up to the prime of life ! therefore , We should treasure it more , Try to live in the present !

Peach blossom in March , Pink , Gorgeous , clouds , Clusters of , Unrestrained and enthusiastic ! It is full of branches of a whole tree , It doesn't leave a little narrow gap for the young leaves , Only a few small leaves reluctantly showed their faces , Quietly , Cute , Stick your little head around , Looking at this colorful world curiously , Don't move a little bit .

The peach blossoms who only care about their own excitement and make the show , Exhale the refreshing fragrance , Attracting bees and butterflies , No shame , It's like a girl in love , I'm looking forward to bee butterfly as a medium , The wind speaks , You can connect with someone who has a lover , Booming Flowers and a Full Moon .

The peach blossom in my hometown is burning

I don't know when the green willow by the lake has sprouted , Add twigs . Flickering in the wind , very pretty and charming , It's like a beautiful woman with beautiful hair . It reminds me of he Zhizhang, a poet of Tang Dynasty 《 Chanting willows 》“ Make up a tree with Jasper , Ten thousand green silk ribbons , I don't know who cut the thin leaves , Spring breeze in February is like scissors ” Come on .

Green waves ripple on the lake , The willows are reflected . Three no flocks of ducks in the pursuit of fun . Just like Su Shi's seven character quatrains in Song Dynasty 《 Hui chongxiang, Jiang Xiaochen 》 written “ There are three or two peach flowers outside the bamboo , Warm duck in spring ”! Tourists on the shore of the lake , Three groups , Five in a group , Either by or by , Or play or play , Laughter comes and goes , It's like the colorful butterflies shuttling through the charming scenery .

From time to time, a few half year old urchins throw some snacks to the lake , It caused several greedy ducks to rush around , You robbed me of , Even the fish in the water are going to have a party , It's delicious .

Ducks are playing and frolicking , The green surface of the lake ripples , Circle by circle , A dazzling red sun will pillow green waves in the lake to swing leisurely . Biliu leads the red sun , Ducks are playing in the green water , What a beautiful natural scenery ! It's very relaxing , beautiful .

Along the way , Over the green grass , I have seen the burning peach blossom , Enjoy the red sun reflected on the surface of the lake , A beautiful picture of ducks playing in the water .

The warm sun slants to the West , The scenery is just right ! To the top of the green mountain , Take a deep breath of the fresh air peculiar to the mountains , Suddenly, he felt refreshed , Be in fine Fig !

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After several spring rains , Tall pines and cypresses are more tall and green , With blue eyes . Clusters of , Clumps of colorful wild flowers , In full bloom , Charming and gorgeous . Gusts of breeze came , The fragrance of flowers , gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind ! I seem to have become a wild flower living in the valley , Windman dance , Smiling face , Look at the mountain spring , Listen to cuckoo .

Climb high and look far , Standing on the top of a mountain , Atop the . The vast dark green wheat field at the foot of the mountain , All the way to the horizon . The golden rape flower , Big yellow, big orange , Circuitous and graceful, yellow and green . The flowing sheep on the hillside , There are white ones , Black , The grey , Green , Tan …… They fight or fight , With joy , Just like the floating flowers inlaid in this beautiful picture of spring .

It's very interesting , Not enough , But the red sun has climbed up the western mountain , I don't want to say goodbye to all things on the earth , Sunset in the sky , pink , crimson , Crimson , Or pink or light , Or pieces or strands , Or static or dynamic , Beautiful . Not far away , Farmers in twos and threes are fighting against hoes , Swing the whip , With little stones , Yelling at cattle and sheep , I went home in a bustle . Hardworking and kind villagers , Living a simple and happy pastoral life with sunrise, sunset and sunset .

The smoke has been curling up all around , The delicious smell of the food drifts in the gust of wind . The night is fading away , A new moon is rising , Night is coming !

The beauty of sunset is infinite , Just at dusk !

I feel with emotion : Time is like an hourglass , Always quietly running away from us , There's no time to cherish , There's no time to savor , There is no time to catch the tail of youth , A casual turn , It's more than half of my life , Into the age of 40 ! I'm deeply sorry : I failed my youth , Wasted time , It's a pity and desolation , Unwilling and helpless ; I exclaim : The ups and downs of life , The ravines of the road , Ups and downs , Good and bad , mixed , Human sentiment changes in temperature …

The vast expanse of stars , We ordinary people , It's just a tiny dust in the Canghai sea , Small and humble !

However, we always don't know the heaven and the earth , Arrogant and uninhibited , Illusory gains and losses ; We always carry a heavy burden , Put on heavy armor , Like little hedgehogs , Be careful in doing things , I'm always lusting , Against , Will be hurt for no reason .

We always put countless invisible shackles on ourselves , Trying to fight hard for what we have planned ; We are always in a hurry , Step by step and run hard , Spinning around .

We are always in front of the cruel reality , Lost oneself , Forget the original intention , Learned to flatter , Learned postscript trends , Even wearing a false mask against your will , Live the same life as before , The two sides of human life .

Frankly speaking , How many people really know who we are : Live, but laugh before you see someone , Who knows the helplessness and sadness of crying after others ? On one side, tears were streaming down my face , On the one hand, stubborn forward !

Standing in the corridor of time , Suddenly look back , I found out later that : On this long road of life , We've been through most of our lives , Spent dozens of spring, summer, autumn and winter . We've been through , tired , cried , laughed , I've fought for , Wasted time , Lost , I've been persistent ……… It's a silent song ! Sigh , Sigh for the ruthlessness of time , The age of easy old , The past can no longer be traced , There is no turning back !

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We've missed the green and brilliant years , Missed the golden age when I can afford to dream , We are no longer young , There is no longer a lot of time for us to squander ! Everything should be practical , Stop trying to be perfect , As long as you do your best, there is no need to regret ; Don't do it foolishly “ nanke dream ”, fantastic and absurd !

middle-aged , Don't entangle those meaningless entanglements , I broke my heart , miserable ; middle-aged , Be open-minded and calm , Peace of mind . Everything should be treated with an ordinary mind , Don't be surprised , detachment . Don't be overjoyed by what you get, or sad by what you lose ; middle-aged , Don't aim too high . We can't blindly , Unrealistically overestimate overdue achievements and gains and losses , Therefore, illusory gains and losses , Or joy or sorrow !

When people reach middle age, they should relax their mood appropriately , Be open and indifferent to everything ; When people reach middle age, they should slow down appropriately , stop-and-go .

Calm down when you are tired , Taste all kinds of life ; Tired of walking , Just stop , Enjoy the scenery of the four seasons . In the sun , On warm days when the east wind blows , Wandering in the embrace of nature , Feel the tenacity of the mountain , The indifference of water , The purity of pine and cypress , The fearlessness of wild flowers ; Facing the rising sun , In the morning dew , Listen to the birds in the mountains , Still look at the blooming flowers , Pick a touch of beautiful spring into my heart , Let the long lost smile bloom like a flower ……

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