Deeply worried (2)

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They get to the office , I took the chair on the teacher's seat next to me to the student who hurt himself at night , Beckoning her to sit down and talk , Give her and her deskmate a tissue , Let them wipe their tears .

After a while , Only then can they explain why they cry . It turns out that she answered the phone call from the head teacher , I feel sorry for the teacher's care and cry , Her deskmate weeps because of her influence , Second, they cry because the other students in the class are not friendly to their classmates in the dormitory .

I asked her what the head teacher told her on the phone , Comfort her in a targeted way 、 Enlighten her , And educate and guide them according to the situation reflected by her deskmate .

We're talking about , The English teacher is coming again , She again conveyed the instructions of the head teacher , The head teacher told the students to go back to the dormitory now , And then call him on the dorm phone .

I looked at the time , It's almost time for the school to return to the dormitory , So I asked the students to go back . But in fact, I am worried about the students , Because we only talked for a few minutes , They didn't completely calm down , They didn't come out of that state when they left .

After the students left , A Chinese teacher sitting in front of me ( I'm also a graduate student ) Talk to me . She heard me talking to the students , So I have a rough idea of what happened .

She praised me all the time , I'm patient with students 、 caring , Know how to guide and educate students , Appease the students . If she and another colleague who just graduated , They may not be able to deal with this kind of sudden situation , It may even be due to not paying attention to observing students' emotions and behaviors , And without my patience , Not only can't appease the students , It may even touch the sensitive and fragile nerves of students , It makes things harder to deal with .

We chatted for a while and went home from work .

Because I don't trust students , Just call the head teacher . The head teacher didn't answer , Then I got a simple message back . So I talked about the night in general , I also talked about my worries about the girl . I suggest that he contact the parents of the students , Let the parents take her to see a psychologist . Because her current problem is already very serious , This is not something that ordinary teachers can solve .

The head teacher said he didn't want to talk to his parents first .

I thought he didn't want to say it , Anyway, he is the head teacher , What happened is also his responsibility , As a colleague, I have done my duty of reminding , I have done ideological work for students more than once , That's the end of it —— Besides, he doesn't treat me very well ( I've had several articles before It's between writing and him The unhappiness that happened .

But I can't do it after all , Again, I suggest that he : Whether it's out of love for students , Or out of personal protection , I think parents should be informed of this as soon as possible ! Besides, , Many of the child's problems have a lot to do with her lack of family warmth and care , Some things can't be given by our teacher who cares more about her . We can't replace parents .

He later replied that he would call the parents .

Although I am deeply worried about the student's condition , But apart from being more concerned about her and encouraging her , There's nothing else I can do .

This morning, , I can't rest assured that this student , Once back at school , I'll call her out , I talked to her for a while . I'm talking to her , While watching her . I think she's in a stable mood , It should be all right , I told her to go back .

Then , I called her deskmate again , Have a look at her situation after she went back yesterday . And then yesterday because of the time problem did not finish the topic of her table to guide and encourage , She also specially asked her deskmate to pay more attention at ordinary times 、 Keep an eye on her , If you have any problems, you should report them to the teacher as soon as possible , That's why she went back to the same table .

As I passed the hallway , I heard her head teacher whispering about her to the prefect . I think , He should have reported the student's situation to the grade and school . After all , His personal ability is also limited , Some things can't be solved just by concealing .

Hope that with the intervention of parents and schools , The student's problems can be effectively solved . Wish her healthy growth !

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