Busy to midnight, finally finished the paper

2021-04-30 11:06:48  作者:Life journey

It's half past one in the morning , Busy till now , I finally finished the part of the mid-term exam that I was responsible for ! I don't have to work overtime during the May Day holiday , I can have a good rest !

In recent days, our teacher in addition to invigilate is to change the paper , All day today , In addition to class or correcting papers . Looking at the computer for a long time makes my eyes ache , Sitting all the time makes my neck ache . Fortunately, the paper has been changed now , A big stone in my heart has finally been put down .

I see that the scores of English and mathematics have been counted . The two classes I teach 5 The class did well in both subjects , In the second tier 10 I'm in the middle of the class ; and 4 Class is very poor again , These two subjects are ranked first from the bottom of the class , And left far behind by other classes , The average score of his class is compared with that of other classes in the second echelon , Maximum difference 17 branch !

Tomorrow morning , Chinese scores and related statistical data can be counted in the school marking system .

I don't know how the two classes I teach are doing in the exam , See you tomorrow ……

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