Wedding postscript - you grow up, they grow old

2021-04-30 10:27:42  作者:Photography

On the night of my brother's big wedding , My sister-in-law made a circle of friends ——

The wedding came to a successful conclusion

Thank you all for the wedding

️ Thank you for your kindness ,

Thank you for your preparation ,

️ Thanks to all my friends , friend

Thank you for your blessing , At the same time, I also pass on this beauty to you

Thank you all for coming ,

Thank you for your blessing and witness , Thank you very much , Neglect of care , Please forgive me a lot

Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Wang , Thank you for your care and tolerance , There is a long way to go , We'll spend the rest of our lives together , First wife , Your advice are most welcome

Originally, black brother agreed to arrange us to a table , Three of us 、 parents in law 、 Er Ya and you you 、 Her parents in law , Black brother and brother-in-law can also come to our table to have a few mouthfuls .

Plans don't change fast , You have to sit next to the guests first , Er Ya, I and the children let me go , Er Ya's father-in-law is busy , Only her mother-in-law went , Arrange the old one first , My mother-in-law and Er Ya's mother-in-law sat at the same table with others .

I 、 Er Ya and PI you you also sit at a table with people they don't know , Dabao and his grandparents are sitting together . Grandma accidentally spilled hawthorn juice all over him at the banquet , Afterwards, Dabao came and told me , I said that if I had nothing to do, I would wipe it with paper and go home to wash it .

When he got home, brother black asked him :“ Grandma spilled the drink on you. You're not angry ?” Dabao said he didn't, so he wiped it with paper , Black brother praised him for doing right , Tell his grandmother that she's old and she's not well, and her hands are shaking , Don't be angry with her .

You grow up , They're getting older ……

I called mom last night , Let her have a good rest at home for a few days , Mom said she didn't go out all day , Just stay at home , Today, I have to go back to my hometown with my brother , Grandma and grandma have to go , I have to leave early in the morning , Be there by eight .

Mom said she forgot to give him the red envelope , I'll meet you some day , I said no, he's too old to get red envelopes .

Pipi and youYou are flower children , After the ring, grandma gave each one a red envelope , Is it a child , At that time, Dabao secretly asked me why he didn't , I joked that I didn't have it yet. My father hasn't worked all day .

Dabao did a lot of work that day , The original baogao ( Under the wedding car , Let the bride step out of the car ) I didn't get to , It's Dabao , And pipe smoke , The chief manager's father explained , Except for him and his uncle , No one else wants it .

Dabao is very responsible , I carry cigarettes everywhere . Black brother said to Dabao :“ You should help me when my uncle gets married , Grandma and grandfather have no money. They have married their uncle and daughter-in-law , I don't want the red envelope. I want my father to give it to you .” Dabao agreed .

In the photo, my sister-in-law's grandmother is holding the hand of a baby granddaughter who is going to be someone else's daughter-in-law in the wedding car , In a flash, tears rush ……

If grandma is still there , Looking at that year, the smelly boy who she loved and cared for got married , I found such a good daughter-in-law , What a relief !

My grandparents in heaven , grandpa , Don't worry ! We are all very well , You take good care of yourself .