How are you going to spend the May Day holiday( 2021118)

2021-04-30 09:53:57  作者:Life journey

Finally come to the last working day before the long holiday , I've been waiting for you all day ! I always feel that the working day of this week is extremely long ? And it's an endless meeting , An endless discussion of options ! Today is the last working day before the holiday , Cancel today's meeting ahead of time , Or waste your time in endless meetings !

It's exciting to think about the coming holiday ! The kids are back from school, too , Not for the whole holiday , It's also very happy ! A family together is happiness !

But the thought of children playing games on their own phones as soon as they get home , Just a little headache , A family can't stay at home with their own mobile phones in a holiday ? What's the meaning of vacation ? But if you want to always go out for sightseeing, my daughter certainly doesn't agree , So I want to schedule a day , The family went to climb the mountain , Look at the water , It should be ok !

For myself, these days of vacation can not be wasted , I have to go to the library at least one day , The books I borrowed before are about to expire. I have to return them as soon as possible ! Then every morning, we should still insist on getting up early to exercise ! And find time to review your recent work and life ! Insist on completing the daily task every day , In addition to the articles updating the short book , And update your voice .

But I won't be too strict about what I do , Let it be ! Don't put too much pressure on yourself , It's a holiday after all ? It's important to relax !

I don't know how Jane's holiday will be spent ? Let's share it ! During the vacation, I will also learn the articles of Jane you that I have paid close attention to , Hope to learn more from it ! Are you coming with me ?

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