2021-04-30 09:53:24  作者:Life journey

The first time I came to Jianshu platform , Meet you here , There is a saying that meeting is fate .

Before , Before there was a suitable subject , There is no plan to . After all , Writing is not my essence , The real essence , It's about writing better articles to share with the public .

There is a famous saying that “ Books are the ladder of human progress ”, So the article is the cornerstone of the ladder of progress .

Tomorrow, , I'm coming with the cornerstone , It carries the culture of the new era , And the future dream of a new era . Let's explore the way to discover a new era .

Culture cannot be fully expressed in language , You need to understand , I hope my cornerstone can help you , To sublimate oneself . Every article written , Of course , The realm of seeing is different , The depth is different , Natural understanding is also different .

I am a little white , Writing ability is not as good as everyone expected , But I will try to change in the future , There's Xiaobai like me here , Work together , come on. !

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