Wang Lou, father of the alliance of mountain and sea Heroes: astronomer Carl Sagan and the great wilderness

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First volume Yumen pass at all times

The wind blew out the life of an old sailor on the other side of the ocean , He also blew a boy named Polo to the Far East , The legend of the undead and the undead tree makes the young man firmly believe that life is like a star , There is always a twinkling deep in my heart ……

Chapter 1

The sun is shining. , The lecture hall of Harvard University is full of people , Famous astronomer Karl · Dr. Sagan is giving a wonderful science lecture to the students , With the doctor's explanation on the big screen, the cool star map of the universe is switched .

Carl · Sagan :“ Imagine , If you take the universe 138 A hundred million years of history is compressed to 1 year , What would it be like ? Obviously , Time has speeded up . In this calendar , Every second is equivalent to 438 year , Every hour is equivalent to 158 In ten thousand, , Every day is equivalent to 3780 In ten thousand, .” The doctor paused ,“ therefore , My dear friends , We are all young , Less than a second . My mom always says to my dad ‘ well , I will always 18 year !’ Oh, my God , She witnessed the birth of the universe .”

Italian student Jordan · Polo majored in astronomy , At this time, he was holding several books in his hand and was in a hurry to open the door of the lecture hall , There's something wrong with the alarm clock in his dormitory , When I get up, the sun is already on my ass .“Shit( Damn it )!” Jordan · Polo frowned and muttered , Hurry to get dressed, pack up and go to the lecture hall , He doesn't want to miss the famous Carl · Sagan's special report .

“ hello , What can I do for you ?” Carl · Sagan is in Jordan · Polo asked when he opened the door .

“ I'm sorry , I'm Jordan · Polo , Your loyal fans .” Jordan · Polo replied .

“ Jordan , Um. , Maybe you should come here with a basketball in your arms , It's like the earth goes around the sun .” Carl · Sagan joked .

“ Maybe try , thank you !” Jordan · Polo shrugged and sat down in an empty seat nearby , I'm surrounded by a blonde . Jordan · Polo opened an old book he had with him , Title 《The Travels of Polo》(《 Travels of Polo 》), There are two paragraphs on the cover , Chinese means :

There are always stories you don't believe

But they are history

Inside the book is a star map similar to a parchment , No one knows what material it's made of , It's not rotten in water , It doesn't burn in case of fire , It's amazing . This is the oldest star map ——《 Dragon Tiger Big Dipper star map 》, It has been drawn since 6500 About years ago , Jordan · The Polo family has been handed down from generation to generation , It is said to come from the mysterious ancient oriental country —— China .

Blondes say hello :“ well , I'm Alice , It looks cool .” Alice is going to Jordan · Polo's scroll in his hand indicated .

Jordan · Polo said with a smile :“ thank you , Alice , My father told me that it was once …… It's from my grandfather , I like it very much .”

Alice :“ interesting ! Except astronomy , Do you have any special hobbies ? It's not like smoking, drinking or picking up girls .”

Jordan · Polo :“ Um. , in fact , I'm very fond of adventure , All the old stuff , It keeps me up all night , Like Carl · Dr. Sagan's research .” Jordan · Said polo, gesturing towards the rostrum .

Alice :“ WOW! , cool !”

Jordan · Polo shrugged :“ It's also inherited in the family .”

There was a big laugh under the stage , Carl · Sagan was in between , Continue to say :“1 month 1 Japan , Bang, , big bang ;5 month 1 Japan , The birth of the Milky way ;9 month 9 Japan , The birth of the solar system ;9 month 14 Japan , you 're right , Our earth was born ;12 month 24 Japan , wow , Dinosaurs appear ; It is a pity that ,4 Days later , It's extinct again ; The night of new year's Eve 10:30, The first humans appeared ; More than an hour later , Maybe you're having a snack , Cold and frozen , The last ice age started ; Amazing ,3 Minutes later , Human beings have entered the agricultural society ;15 Seconds later , The Neolithic Age began , Man has the first city ; In another 15 second , Astronomy began to develop , Right , Astronomy ; In fact, the most wonderful thing is the last second of the year , We created everything we see now , Computer 、 Internet , And landing on the moon ……”

Alice suddenly raised her hand to ask :“ What happens next , Carl · Dr. Sagan ?”

Carl · Sagan switches the big screen image , say :“ Good question , Let's take a look , Based on existing research data , We think the sun is in the second year 5 month 2 The sun will become a red giant ,5 Days later , That is to say 5 month 7 Japan , It will become a white dwarf , What does that mean? ?”

A student called out :“ The cock won't wake you up again .”

Carl · Sagan laughs :“ I like your humor , Mice can be confused ‘ Why do we have to work endlessly ? Our ancestors are not busy ’. Maybe it's not just the mice that are confused , It's not just owls , It's not just wolves in the mountains , It's all our creatures , Including humans , Where are we going ? perhaps , Do we still have a chance to see the sun turn into a red giant or even a white dwarf ?”

Carl · Sagan pauses :“ Everyone you love , Everyone you know , Everyone you've ever heard of , Everyone who ever existed , All their lives on earth . Our joy and our pain come together , Thousands of self-righteous religions 、 Ideology and economics , All the hunters and robbers 、 Heroes and cowards 、 The founder and destroyer of civilizations 、 The king and the peasant 、 Young couple 、 Mother and father 、 A hopeful child 、 Inventors and explorers 、 A respected teacher 、 Corrupt politicians 、 The super star 、 The supreme leader 、 Every saint and criminal in human history , They all live here —— A tiny dust suspended in the air . We are all Stardust , At this moment , You live , It's a great thing . You live on this planet , Breathing the air , Drinking water , Enjoying the warmth of the nearest star , Yours DNA Pass on from generation to generation ……”

Jordan · Polo looked at the cover of the book between his fingers , Then turn it over , Staring at the old star map in my hand , The patterns are black dragon in the East and white tiger in the West , Above is the Big Dipper like a spoon . At the moment , There was applause in my ears , But he looks at the big dipper and seems to fall into memory , The applause was replaced by the tide , Family stories began to flash in my mind .