When you are old

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The next article , Please collect it , When you are upset 、 Suffer 、 torture 、 quarrel 、 regret 、 Sorry 、 damage 、 Grievances 、 Regret time , Please turn it out and read it , For a lifetime .

《 When you are old ……》

All my life , It's getting old in a flash ,

Stop worrying about yourself .

What I can't think of ,

Don't block yourself ;

An unreachable feeling ,

Don't let yourself suffer .

Just one heart , Always suffering ,

It's hard to be happy again .

All my life , It's getting old in a flash ,

Stop arguing .

Maybe one day we'll be apart ,

Then there will be regret ;

I don't know which day I will lose ,

In the end, I'm sorry .

Love is only once , Always hurt ,

If you want to meet again, it's a long way off .

All my life , It's getting old in a flash ,

Don't aggrieve yourself any more .

When I can't walk ,

You can't go to the best place .

When you close your eyes ,

I can't spend as much money as I can save .

A man is a lifetime , It's always OK ,

I don't know if I have it in my next life .

Life is a cup of wine to swallow ,

All kinds of tastes ;

Love is a play of pain and happiness ,

The ever-changing feelings of happiness, anger, sadness and happiness .

Take bitterness and tiredness as food and drink ,

To taste the true taste of life ;

See joy and sorrow as the only way ,

Will realize the feelings of the heart .

Life is so short ,

Don't ask for dazzling , Only peace ;

The capacity of the heart is so small ,

No romance , As long as it's simple .

Let's turn the page about yesterday ,

Don't look forward to tomorrow ,

Done today's work , No regrets .

People are fickle , Make yourself happy .

Let bygones be bygones ,

Don't be nostalgic when you are separated ,

Care about the love around ,

Is the most complete .

All my life , Well, it's not easy ;

Human face , It's not easy to laugh ;

Human heart , It's not easy to think about it .

Eat nutritiously ,

Look at everything in a flat way ,

Have a good time ,

Don't waste time , Don't waste the future ,

next life , Not necessarily again .

Be good to yourself ,

Be patient with your wife and children ,

Be honest with your friends and relatives ,

It's worthy of people's hearts , Don't squander your feelings ,

next life , I don't have to meet you again .

It's been five years , And Ben six 、 Benqi 、 People who run to eight , There is no more juvenile arrogance , The romance of youth , It's more about maturity and understanding of life .

Now I'll send you a few more big truths , Collect it and have a good taste ……

1 、 There are two kinds of money : It's money , It's property ; What I didn't spend was “ paper ”, It's a legacy .

2 、 It's often said that contentment makes happiness ? What do you like , It's to make our hearts rich , Not much property , The income is not as high as that of the working people , But we don't care . People have ideas , Rich in thought is really rich .

3 、 Bad mentality , Put it off. , It's just that the heart is too small . Mental “ state ” word , Take it apart , Namely “ Big heart ”. If the heart is a little bigger every day , How can the state of mind be bad . People live for a day , It's blessing , You should be happy , Cherish every day .

4 、 Birth, aging, illness and death are the norm of life , Just take it easy . No fear of disease , Face old with a smile , Come to know you have nothing , Will have nothing to go , Our principle is not to grind women , Don't give your children psychology 、 The housework 、 The economy adds too much burden .

5 、 In the past , The only thing we're sorry about , It's us ; Now? , Our most important , It's about being worthy of yourself , Be kind to yourself , Enjoy your happiness .

This article ,

Every word is so reasonable , Every sentence tells us the happiness philosophy of old age , It's too good ! It is worth collecting , Permanent reading !

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