Exercise can heal the mind

2021-04-30 08:42:55  作者:Photography

writing : Jia Yuxia

Da Vinci said , Sport is the source of all life .

motion , It's a beautiful word , It's the clouds , It's the cloud pushing , It's an elegant cloud , Move with the wind , Go with the wind .

I like sports now , Challenge yourself in particular , I like to enjoy myself after the intense sports , Like the kind of slightly sweating mood pleasure , I like the feeling of being comfortable after exercise , I also like the dynamic beauty of sports .

Hippocrates said , The best doctor of mankind is air 、 Sunshine and sports .

Remember 2007 year , My health is going from bad to worse , I'm depressed all day , I always feel boring , There's no interest in doing anything , insomnia , It's hard to sleep . I began to think I was tired these days , Just have a rest , Don't care too much .

one day , A friend I haven't seen for a long time said that my eyes are getting bigger and protruding , That's the alert , Go to the hospital . The doctor looked at , smell , After asking , Let me put out my hand , But my hands are shaking irregularly , Take a blood test , When the results come out , The doctor told me that I had hyperthyroidism .

at that time , I'm 35 years old , We don't know enough about diseases , I've never heard of this disease , Very scared , The heart is almost broken , I thought I had some serious illness , I even thought I might die , It's been a lot of suffering .

During that time , Brother Lin has been accompanying me to seek medical advice , Comfort me, encourage me , My family also called one day to comfort me , Help me find the cause of my illness , One is tiredness , The second is anger . I was busy with my work at that time , The child is small , There's no one to help , It's a family affair , Very tired , after a considerable period of time , Break down from constant overwork .

All diseases come from anger , Lingo is stubborn , We come from different backgrounds , Different opinions and practices , They often have conflicts , Quarrel over a trifle , Always angry . I can't convince him , I can't solve it myself , take things too hard , Endocrine disorders , insomnia , Don't sleep well , I can't rest , in the course of time , Got hyperthyroidism .

later , I got used to hyperthyroidism , And consult people who have had this disease , As long as it's under control , take medicine on time , It's going to recover , No big deal . therefore , I'm relieved , Please follow the doctor's advice , Review on time , Take your medicine on time , Gradually control the disease , I've got spirit, too .

From now on , I pay more attention to my health . Every morning I get up , Have a glass of warm water first , Go out and exercise , Enjoy the fresh air , Sunshine and sports , The body is getting better and better . Since I got sick, I've wanted to drive myself , Look at it , Finally understand the health first , Nothing else matters .

Socrates once said :“ The health of the body is destroyed by immobility , Keep for a long time because of exercise .”

I exercise every day , Shuttlecock when you have time , Walk, walk , Turn around , Go for a walk . Look here , Look there. , relax , Work hard when you are busy , Take time to press your legs , Activities . There are more smiles on my face , Family and Meimei , Laughter and laughter , It's time to fight , It's time to work hard , It's time to relax , happy .

Now , I feel beautiful every day , Everything is positive , Be passionate about life , Full of hope for the future , Imagine waiting for retirement , Welcome the sunrise with brother Lin , Send the sunset , Taste all kinds of food , All over the famous mountains and rivers of the motherland .

Telecontrol not only cured my body , It also cured my mood .