Chuanxi, on the way

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This cloud is a bit like a dog, but also a bit like a map of China

occasionally , Let's never forget , It's just a moment's scenery on the way .

Just like on the road that day , Even if you walk a few more times , The road condition is different every time , The scenery is different in every season .

One , Danba Tibetan stronghold

I started from Danba Tibetan village in the morning , I went to the place where I came yesterday 3 Observation deck No , It is said that this is the best viewing platform for the whole Danba Tibetan village .

Because it was around five o'clock in the evening yesterday , The setting sun has been blocked by the mountains , We'll be here at 8:30 this morning , The sun is still blocked by the great mountains ahead , It's too late to come up , We waited until nine , The sun still only shines on the top of the mountain . Waiting for nearly half an hour , rather windy , It's boring , We're going to walk down the mountain .

Not far , I met a Tibetan elder sister , She carried a sack on her back , Because climbing is hard , Stand and rest while greeting us friendly , And tell us there's no scenery down there , Let's not go down and come back .

While talking, he asked us , Does she look old ? Our polite greetings say where will be old ! And then take a closer look , Her dark face was covered with fine lines , The corners of the mouth droop slightly , It looks bright though , But it's really old .

She told us , In fact, she is still young , In my fifties , My son just went to college , Because living in the mountains , The terrain is plateau , People age easily . He also said that because he had to earn his children's tuition , So they sell pecans they picked from the mountains to tourists .

We listened to her advice , So he stopped walking down the mountain , And I tasted a hickory she handed me , Now I decided to buy two Jin , Thinking of helping her business .

She came out early in the morning without a scale , Other businessmen in the mountain haven't come out to do business yet , I can't borrow a scale , She's just going to pour some for us . Just half way down , Her companions are coming , So he borrowed the name to us .

Seeing the coaches coming into the parking lot , A large number of tour groups are flocking to , We decided to go to the next scenic spot No.2 before they arrived , To avoid the crowd and take pictures first .

When we got to observation deck two , See a lot of photographers already in the best position , Scenery and 3 It's the same with the observation deck No , We invited one of the photographers to help , Take a picture in a hurry .

I waited for a while at the viewing platform , Or just wait until the sun reaches the top of the mountain , I heard from the landlord before , If you want to get to the mountainside , I have to wait until after 9:30 , See more and more teams coming to view , We won't wait , Go straight to the next scenic spot .

Two ,

Passing by an old and spectacular bunker , A straight poplar forest , It's all a quick glance .

It only takes about half an hour to get to Danba county , The county is built on the cliffs on both sides , It's at the bottom of the valley, by the stream , Tall buildings , It's very narrow , Across the stream is the mountain . The driver said that the sun usually doesn't shine down from the top of the mountain until after nine o'clock , Two rows of houses are built against the mountain , It's crowded but unique .

We're only about an hour away , Trapped in a valley called nianggou . It turned out that many places were affected by the excessive rain last year , The dam of the barrier lake was washed away , The debris flow caused the destruction of the rivers and houses in aniang gully .

Early in the morning, road blocks were set up to restrict traffic , But the driver didn't get the notice . Asked for security , It's said that it can be opened at 6 p.m . The whole valley is under repair , It's said that a few days ago, the Jinchuan pear blossom festival has been opened and half of the road has been built , Today, the roadblock was set up again , They have to fix it before the rainy season comes , Otherwise the rainy season will come , That would be another natural disaster .

We are trapped in the Niang ditch like this , It will take about a day , It's uncomfortable to be in the valley , So the master turned around and took us to see the Tibetan village we had never seen , This is a Tibetan village famous for its ancient castle .

At Yantu's viewing platform , Look at the hiding rooms on the hillside opposite , I'm curious about how the Tibetans live on the cliff ? How to build a house on it ?

The house on the opposite cliff hillside , The traffic is inconvenient by visual inspection , It's hard to walk , It's all isolated , They should also use local materials to build houses . There seems to be no road on the top of the mountain , Even if it's local , I don't know what they live on ?

Ask about eating , The driver said that Tibetans can grow potatoes on the spot . There is no road for cars on it , Even if we use local materials , It's also about food and clothing , There is no grass on the bare top of the mountain , There is also a danger of collapse at any time , How do they grow potatoes for a living ?

With a lot of question marks , Let's move on , In fact, other people's lives are very important to us on the journey , It's just a curiosity .

3、 ... and , Middle road Tibetan village

Middle road Tibetan village , A Tibetan village to see the ancient castle .

Turn back on the way , All the way up the hill , Winding around to reach the Tibetan village , It's an extra gift of beauty . It's more natural than damba here , More beautiful than Jinchuan , The more I stroll around, the more I like it .

The tall pear trees are in full bloom , The castle and the storehouse are shining , Because there's plenty of time , We can watch the ants move slowly , Shuttling through the flowers , Dancing with thousands of pure white petals , The sticky clothes were dyed white again , I dare to ask who said : Thousands of flowers never touch the body ?

There are many pear trees in front of and behind the house , The flowers are blooming , I've never seen such a beautiful pear flower , With the surrounding sancolor room 、 The ancient castles shine on each other .

Follow the direction of the flowers and trees in the castle , We were drawn into a field of flowers , It's Huatian , In fact, there is nothing in the field , Just a few pear trees full of flowers are too dazzling .

Many photographers are also attracted , We stood by the tree and couldn't help taking a slow and careful picture . Here comes a middle-aged man , He said there was a charge here , Five yuan per person , The two big pear trees in the field on the shore belong to his family , The two trees next to the big rocks on the bank belong to the neighbors .

He said that stepping on someone's land is regarded as photographing someone's , It's up to the landlord to charge , See a lot of photographers coming over , We bargain with him , We'll each pay one , Said to shoot for a while and then leave . When leaving , The landlord is still working as a temporary model for the photographer .

Passing a house , I saw the purple flowers I liked before , Grow like grass , Very beautiful , It's all over the hillside .

We have a day to hang around here . I found a small courtyard for lunch , The kitchen in the courtyard is not big , The guests who arrived earlier than us were cooking by themselves , It's the host's turn to help us process the dishes when they are ready . While waiting , The old lady of the host's family took some pecans for us to eat first , Free of charge , Very enthusiastic .

A few dishes and a soup taste good , After dinner, we opened an hour room to have a rest , The landlord never tried to do the hour room business , It's a start for us . Three dishes and one soup for lunch , News 120 yuan is not expensive , The driver Xiao Yang helped us to talk about the price , A total of 200 yuan for lunch break for two or three hours .

At lunch, I heard someone calling to sell “ Sugar cane ”, I didn't eat fruit for a few days , My friend immediately went to have a look , Turned out to be “ mandarin orange ”. The oranges here are delicious , It's a bit like an ugly orange, but it's different , With orange flowers , It's beautiful and energetic , When you buy it, the store also helps you cut the branches one by one . Friends say it's not like our developed area , Buy these fruit with branches , I wish I could weigh the whole tree to you , ha-ha ……

It's still early after lunch break , We went further down the hill to see the old house , Roads are being built on the mountain , It's very dusty , All Tibetans are required to charge 10 yuan per person to visit their homes , We paid the price , Not yet , If you think about the scenery of every family, it's almost done .

It's early on the way back , Passing by a mountain of Mo'er , There is a moher temple at the foot of the mountain , I heard that it is also very famous in Tibet , The driver stopped and let's go down and have a look . Friends don't want to go , I climbed up the hillside to see the hiding room by myself , It turns out that this is also a temple , There's a white tower on the side , A Lama is digging , He said he was going to make a warp drum here .

He told me some stories about holy mountain , I've forgotten what it is , But I always remember that he looked sincere and simple . A man of faith , He is firm and peaceful , You can feel the power of faith more during the journey .

Four ,

In the evening, I waited for another two hours in nianggou , It's agreed that it will be released at six , It's seven o'clock and it hasn't been released yet , The sun is setting in the hollow , There was a thin layer of smoke in the distance .

Until it's finally released , It's getting dark , This section of road blocked is only a ten minute winding and dangerous journey , It's completely dark in the middle of it , Except for one-way taillights , Nothing can be seen , The ups and downs of the hillside , On the side is an invisible cliff Valley , There is anxiety and fear in my heart .

This section of the road can't be displayed at all , If you press the navigation , We need an eight hour drive around . Sometimes I go to a strange place , It's better to find a local guide .

Finally driving on the flat panda road , The driver drove the car very fast , It's dark , I feel a little nervous .

After crossing the control section, the total is 88 km , And then there were 62.5 When you enter Xiaojin county when it's only 10 kilometers away , Finally I saw the new road section . It's the county , But it's still dark . Pass by Wari chieftain's official village , It's also called Mulan dam , It's a little bit lively to see the hillside , With a row of lights .

The driver said that there is a road leading to bipeng Valley in jiesigou , There is a Dong Ma Tibetan village , It's mainly about enjoying azaleas , It's not the flowering season yet . He told us , When the azaleas are in full bloom , That's when the growth of Cordyceps sinensis is at its peak .

Cordyceps sinensis should be divided into Yangshan and Yinshan , Yangshan is much better , There are few Cordyceps sinensis in Xiaojin county , It took more than ten days to dig up ten or twenty , Master said that in the grandparents generation , It's normal to dig a few hundred a day , Because it's not protected , Now it's not like the soil in Tibet will grow .

Driving on a flat road , I'm staring at Daoxing , While listening to Xiao Yang's story about the journey . It turns out that Xiaojin county is still a revolutionary base , The soldier who sacrificed most in the long march was Xiaojin , Jiajin mountain is the place where the Red Army and the Eighth Route Army meet on the long march .

Xiao Yang said that the brightest place on the hillside is near his home , It's called Dishui village , It used to be called daguanpo village . He said there was no time to go home today , Tomorrow, help us get into the ditch , Just go home and see my mother .( This sounds like a bit of a joke : What does it mean to bring into the ditch ? ha-ha …)

Xiao Yang introduced that his father was still working in the county , He said that their home is a special test of the driver's skills , It needs to be super good to drive the car more than ten kilometers into the mountains , Drive to 4000 meters above sea level .

It was very late when we arrived at the hotel , I had a bowl of noodles for dinner nearby , We went back to the hotel to have a rest .

I'm tired all the way tonight , It's very dangerous , People on the road , Have to say , The journey is full of unknown uncertainty and danger , Out of doors , Sometimes it really depends on luck , It's wonderful to be at home , Happiness and peace in life are blessings !

——2021.3.25 The heart of wood flies