White cliff (step by step)

2021-04-30 08:05:06  作者:Photography skills

Ning Mo Xin oil painting stick

It was painted in January this year . I happened to see a picture of Baiya on the Internet , I fell in love at first sight , I love this noon time , The feeling of the sun falling .

White cliff is located in England , I haven't checked the exact location , Interested friends can search by themselves . Its formation is said to date back to the Cretaceous , It's been hundreds of millions of years , By tiny marine organisms every year 0.015 It's deposited at the rate of millimeter .

The steps of this painting I originally released on the little sweet potato . Today, I flipped through the photo album and suddenly saw , Share with friends . Along with the simple steps , For your reference .

First step , The outline of the sketch . Let's share some tips here , Whatever you draw , It's a must to start a thread . In the process of painting, we will constantly adjust , Even cover up the original thread . This doesn't mean that you can't write online . Outline the shape and position of the picture , In the process of coloring , The brain has memories . The first impression will help us put the color in the right place .

The second step , Between the sky and the sea , With the help of paper tape . Easy to smear the sky , Prevent the color from going up the mountain . I used three different layers of blue , Deep , It's shallow , Mix it with white , Finally, touch it with your fingers . The mountain and sea are also separated by paper tape .

The third step , From top to bottom is the grass 、 The color of the mountains and the sea . The color of the whole shop , Touch it with your fingers . Finally, the texture of grassland and mountain , It takes a scraper to shape . Rubens is softer than gore , So use a scraper to shape the mountain 、 The texture of the grass and the time of light and shade , Be sure to take a small amount of color many times , Press slowly , Just press on , Don't press too much . Don't be impatient in the process of painting , Better forget the time .

Paper size :32K

Oil painting stick : Rubens 48 color

Tools : Pointed blade , Paper tape

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