Enjoy the painting

2021-04-30 08:04:56  作者:Photography skills

Ancient scholars had a natural aesthetic ability , They can always walk from a withered vine with residual leaves , See a kind of elegant style without decoration . From a pine tree bent down with a vigorous fork , See the indomitable temperament .

From a simple ink painting , Experience the boundless interest of nature .

So I gradually understand , Why do most literati like to use the hard stone composed of a few strokes 、 When the dead wood is hanging over the wall .

As early as to observe , In order to browse , Never tire of a hundred rewards , Always enjoy it .

because , They see the leaping leopard in the smart and concise lines 、 The tiger's claws 、 Elk's quick feet 、 The strength of the horse 、 The tuft of bear bottom 、 The fineness of the white crane 、 The twigs of pines are tangled 、 The stone is made in heaven ……

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