Honghuang Tianpan maze 121

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The girl's face is very charming in the rising sun , He knew that this was the young chief of his tribe . The cicada insect gently pulls on the thin fingertips of Hua silk girl , Slowly along the path , There was a fire in their hearts . The ox and the lamb look at the green grass with wide eyes , Two pink and black ladies walk slowly hand in hand , There's a lot to say . Slowly, the girl's head against the boy's shoulder . It's been a long time , On a bright spring day , Cicadas do their own things , You'll come to the grass where the girl grazes . Girls always drive calves and lambs here to graze , They walk hand in hand on the green grassland and the winding path every day . The clever cicada picked up a small stone on the ground 、 The stone depicts the girl's beautiful face . Slowly, he looked at the flying Osprey and drew the appearance of the earliest Osprey , people 、 sheep 、 cattle 、 Horse 、 The shape of the house . More and more shapes are drawn on stone and wood chips , Later, it was found that other people could see such portraits and know their meaning . ha-ha , It's so interesting .

Every day, the handsome boy looks at his beloved girl's youthful and beautiful pink face , Holding the girl's slender hand . The girl looked up at the cicada insect's handsome face , Cuddle up to your sweetheart's tall and strong body . finally , They are in love with deep kisses and passionate hugs . The night before summer , The bonfire is shaping high “ Cicada insects ” In front of the wooden house of the totem , In front of the mountain, the tribal city-state and the people around came to the broad square . People dress girls in scarlet silk clothes , Along with her relatives, she was sent to the home of the handsome cicada chief . mutton 、 beef 、 Pork and fish are roasted so that “ Zizi ” Oozing oil , A strong fragrance wafts from the burning campfire .

“ oooo --- oooo ---” The horn of the ox sounded long . The handsome cicada wears a black silk gown , Holding the beautiful silk girl . The girl wore a red silk sweater , Plump long waist, soft gown with the wind gently elegant , Pink smart face, full of the breath of youth , She slightly lowered her pink shy face and walked slowly beside the cicada insects . Cicada insects , Gently kiss the girl's Pink shy smile , Bursts of laughter rang out in the square .“ oooo --- oooo ---” The horn of the ox sounded above the square , The girl 、 The boys join hands and dance happily around the campfire , Sing melodious songs , The song floats to the boundless and deep sky of the ancient vast sky basin . The cicada insect gently takes the slender hand of the beautiful silk girl and slowly integrates into the ocean of joyful singing and dancing .

Spring is coming , The rain is increasing . The green grass grows fast , Cattle 、 The sheep and pigs are fed with new fodder , Get fat . The crops are growing fast , Mulberry leaves grow wide mulberry leaves , Gradually, the calyx of mulberry comes out . The silkworm sticks to the wide mulberry leaves and enjoys the plump mulberry leaves , issue “ It's rustling ” The sound of . Bright water and kettle water are turbid day by day , The amount of water is increasing , In winter, the lake expands slowly , Finally, it becomes a boundless sea again . When the sea is wide , The hot summer has come , Barley and wheat produce golden ears . Handsome cicada , The beautiful bride and their family walked into the golden wheat field with a stone sickle in their hand . The people of all the houses on the broad terrace walk into the broad terrace and the golden hillside with stone sickles in their hands , Wave your sickle to harvest their crops , Then new barley and wheat were planted again .

Cicada insects lead the silk

The girl's little hand is standing on the hillside behind the house , Raise your right hand to cover the rising sun , Looking at the distant island , I can vaguely see that the black forest in the deep part of the island has become a piece of gold , It's just that the gold is so far away .

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