You may not know that such a movie is a good movie.

2021-04-30 07:12:24  作者:Photography

in my opinion , A good movie should have the following characteristics : The plot is natural and full , The plot is rich and compact , The scene is real and touching . The most important thing is , That is, the theme should be enough to arouse people's thinking .

Those who meet the above criteria , It should be said that there are not many , For example, American blockbusters 《 Brave life taking Island 》、《 Pearl Harbor 》、《 Top gun 》 etc. .

The following 《 Brave life taking Island 》 As an example, analyze this criterion .

《 Brave life taking Island 》 Describes a man in custody 30 A British agent in (Mason, Sean Connery ), Take part in a national salvation activity , Using its superb military literacy and wisdom , Defuse the crisis , And take advantage of this opportunity to get out , To be free again .

There's another one with a sense of justice 、 A general with outstanding achievements in war (Hummel, Ed Harris ), Because of his death, his men could not be treated fairly , Many demands are fruitless , In desperation, he launched a mutiny , Stolen from the Navy Arsenal 15 A chemical weapon , Take hostage the tourists visiting the lethal island , Strive to win due state compensation for those who died in the battlefield .

unfortunately , Because the people involved want dollars ( My men decided that they were no longer soldiers , It's mercenaries :mercenary) And there's infighting , Eventually, the officers' blood was spilled on the spot , It's amazing .

Besides , There is also a major character in the film , Doctor of Biochemistry and toxicology (Goodspeed, Nicholas Cage ), Take part in this military operation , He and the agent went from strangers to lovers , To understand the general's difficulties , Together, we completed this military operation with little chance of victory .

That's it , The three leading actors complete the whole plot together , So-called “ Three men in a play ”, Not in vain .