What is really "good" to friends? Let me tell you

2021-04-30 07:05:48  作者:Life journey

I often hear such sounds in my ears , I'm so nice to my friends ,Ta How come ;Ta Is there a bag in the skull ? I am right. Ta So good ,Ta Why can't you feel it at all ; I am right. Ta So good ,Ta I don't know how to be grateful ? Such words , Does it often reverberate in our ears ?

Who is responsible for such a result ? It must be you . Our kindness to our friends , From the bottom of my heart , They think they are good , But when it's done , Why don't others appreciate it ? From the bottom of our hearts , The wish is beautiful , It's good for friends . But in the form of , Maybe it's something friends can't accept , Or disgusted , That's why all the above phenomena appear .

*Good to friends , Not as good as you think , It's about using Ta Treat as good as you think Ta. Good to friends , It must be Ta The acceptable way , To treat Ta, Friends will feel your good , Only in this way can the two sides form a positive cycle , Praise each other . Remember a word : You think it's good , It's not what my friends think , Really good , It's to express your kindness in a way acceptable to your friends .*

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