Darenggu Zhangqiao rose park

2021-04-30 06:59:47  作者:Photography

A chance , I met a good place for a baby to walk, and I shook up in Daren's Valley one by one . Zhangqiao rose park . It is located at the foot of yuexiwang mountain , Qizi Shandong noodles , It's a Wetland Park , Covers an area of about 400 Mu , Previously, it was free .

The wetland park is divided into three parts : The rose theme park is in the middle , Approximate full square , Facing water on three sides , The lake is clear . In the west, there are seasonal crops and lotus watching areas . Across the lake to the East is the island barbecue and children's paradise .

April in the world , Spring flowers , Choose a relaxing afternoon , Bring your baby to the rose park to enjoy the flowers .

Chinese rose

Step into the park , It's the rose park in the middle . What you can see , It's green all over the place , The flowers are thick . The rose of low height , In the blue sea , Standing in the wind . When you get together, you get together in groups , Enthusiasm is like fire ; Scattered, scattered , Flexible and affectionate . Green buds and pistils on the branches , Bright flowers dance in the wind . There are signs in the rose bushes , There are fragrant roses 、 Flowers, roses, etc 8 Two categories: ,150 Many varieties , Colorful and rich , There's red 、 white 、 yellow 、 Pink, yellow, etc , Gorgeous , colourful .

Walking in the garden , I can see all kinds of rose flowers at random , sashays , Elegant and chic . Some of them are in bud , Stand gracefully erect , Some are half hidden , Shy and speechless , Some are in full bloom , Like happy faces , Beautiful and moving . There are heart-shaped flower arches on the flower path , Such as a gorgeous color Gallery extending from the front to the distance . The breeze blowing , Wisps of fragrance came to my face .

At the moment , No matter where you are in the gallery , Or into the sea of flowers , Will be in front of the colorful flowers amazing , Attracted by the , Intoxicated by , One breath and one breath , The air is sweet . People are enjoying it , Marvel at flowers , On flowers , Take a picture . The petals are stacked and stacked , A bunch of flowers , Colorful and charming eyes , Colorful and intoxicating .

The green mountains , White clouds , The bright sea of flowers has put on a splendid dress here . adults 、 The child 、 beauty , Everyone's face is full of laughter , The smile is pure and romantic , from the heart . This smile , With the graceful and gorgeous flowers swaying in the wind , Flowers and people blend harmoniously , Make a beautiful picture .

The mirror of the sky

Along the lake , The willows are green , To the South comes the mirror of the sky . In the mirror of the sky , People seem to be in a fairyland . The glass is clear , Under the refraction of sunlight , When the whole earth becomes a mirror of blue sky and white clouds , Enjoy the pleasure of walking on the clouds . Sit on the ground , One wave seems to be able to touch the breath of clouds . Place oneself among them , There's always a way to go through the movie , Illusion of reality and virtuality , It's curious . The mirror of the sky , Here water and sky merge into a fairy tale mirror of dreams , It's a real dream on stage .

Next to it is the wanghong bubble house , Through transparent bubbles , Stay in a transparent bubble shaped room , The flowers and plants around me seem to be within reach . The bubble comes with a filter , Blue and pink , It's like a fairy tale house in a dream forest .