Spring will spread to every corner

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We meet in the world of words , Meeting is such a beautiful thing . Have a good heart and a sunny heart , Every man is a gentleman , Everything is exquisite .

You see , Naturally also . Spring breeze , Willows sprinkle a soft green on the lakeside and roadside . In order to draw different colors of eyebrow and eyebrow in spring, , Apply strong or light lipstick , Put on colorful clothes , Whisper to the spring wind and rain .

The sea of words is a magic among us , The vitality of life , It's such a mysterious gift . Life is so beautiful , Add luster to yearning . Close to the beautiful , Close to the warmth of spring , Meet beautiful people , The joy in the heart will be bubbling .

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however , I like optimism , Know there is no perfect , however , He is an idealist who yearns for perfection . I'm not an optimist in essence , There's always depression and anxiety in the heart . There has been helplessness and helplessness in life , A lot of times it's even sad . All my uneasiness and haze , Maybe I'll never meet someone I can trust , Someone to talk to , But I still have me , There is also the word exit .

I love the spring breeze , I love spring , Hidden disease 、 The pain 、 Melancholy , Choose a person to swallow . Like a storm, lightning and thunder , I love them all , such , The sun is brighter , Spring is warmer . The four seasons can't always be spring , But spring is always in my heart .

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All of this , These people can't help themselves , It is also an important part of life , I love , I accept . It's just that I won't just say it . For example, many people don't like rainy weather , But I like rainy days so much , Of course, I love sunshine .

Life and life are worth cherishing , Because it's limited , It waited patiently , Calling , Leading our patience 、 Struggle 、 anger 、 expect 、 struggle 、 will 、 Desire and dream . Everyone has difficulties , It's a wonderful part , That's the part that heals our numbness , It's also part of our life .

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The colorful and beautiful spring is coming to us . Over imperfection, over spring , Light up the journey ahead . The fleeting spring blesses our blooming city , We are body and spirit together , A poem that can never be finished .

Spring is free and gentle , But the best spring is a good mood in my heart . You and me one by one , It's spring after spring in one world , It's beautiful to stand together .

Spring will shine into everyone's heart , Spring will spread to every corner . Smile ahead , In the spring , Walking is beautiful . Days , Just walk .

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