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2021 year 4 month 29 Japan Thursday Fine

Tomorrow afternoon there will be an adult ceremony at my daughter's school , For this grand occasion , The teacher and the children have made careful preparations . The children are ready to wear new clothes for the bar mitzvah , The head teacher collected the children's childhood photos and made them into a memorial album , At the same time, we assigned tasks to our parents , Tell us to write a letter to the child . I'm with my daughter , therefore , Let my husband write a letter . Mr. Wang works in the Commission for Discipline Inspection , Working on cases all day , I don't have time to work on words and sentences , But this letter was written with real feelings , I think it's more moving . The full text is as follows :

Our dear daughter :

Adulthood is one of the most important moments in life , It means we can't see you as a child anymore , Even in our hearts , You are still the most precious gift from the newborn God .

You've been very independent since childhood 、 Self improvement girl , When you were three years old, you used to sleep alone , In the second grade of primary school, you start to go to and from school alone , When you were ten years old, you rode your bicycle all over the city , After graduating from junior high school, it's also you who are against the public opinion , Insist on studying in the capital far away from home . Now? , We are all glad for your persistence , I am also proud of your growth and harvest in recent years !

From small to large , Every bit of your growth is deep in your parents' heart . Through so many years of hard work , What you have gained is far beyond your imagination , Self-discipline 、 self-confidence 、 responsibility 、 Take on ….... In the future life , These are your most valuable assets .

Now? , You're facing another important moment in your life , College entrance examination accompanied by adult ceremony . Mom and dad have been through these moments , I also know the hardships , We can't take the place of you to bear the pressure and pain , But we can solve your worries besides study , I can cheer for you behind your back . Especially your mom , I studied in Beijing these two years , Always keep company with you , I've paid a lot for you .

We are happy for your progress , I also hope your efforts will yield fruitful results , But we want you to understand , College entrance examination results are just a test of your study , But it's not the only standard and ultimate goal for you to learn .

health 、 happy 、 self-confidence 、 The sun , This is you in my parents' heart , The best of you !

And what I want to say to my daughter is :

children , You're going to the school bar mitzvah tomorrow , I will take part in the college entrance examination in more than a month , Time is tight 、 Under great pressure , I'm right next to you , I have felt the heavy pressure .

however , I want to tell you , The road of life is long , The college entrance examination is just a small point , It's one step away ; The world is very big , The examination room of the college entrance examination is very small , You're after the world , It's not just the college entrance examination . The college entrance examination is just a stop , The road of life is long . As long as you have a dream , You can transcend time and space . No one will win the world because of the exam , No one has lost a lifetime because of exams . College entrance examination , Doing homework in peacetime doesn't make much difference , Just play at your usual level , There's no need to be afraid ? Why worry ?

I went to the examination room , Just be normal , Take the time , It's easy before it's difficult , Don't spend too much time on difficult problems , Try to answer as accurately as you can , Don't be sorry if you can't answer , In fact, there are very few people who can answer all the questions , Almost everyone has problems that they can't do or make mistakes . Life is not perfect , There are always mistakes or problems , Don't pursue perfection .

As a matter of fact, there's no one who's determined for life , Even the college entrance examination is no exception . The college entrance examination is just the quantification of the results at this stage , you 12 The harvest of this year's study is more than a test paper ? The college entrance examination definitely does not mean the end of the mountain or the end of the river , College entrance examination is definitely not insurmountable , There are many more in the examination room of life “ One good thing came out of ” It's the place of .

take it easy , A test paper is just a piece of paper representing the past , The future is the picture of infinite rivers and mountains . All roads lead to Rome , College entrance examination is just one of the ways , That the road is blocked , Try another way . Why worry too early 、 What about anxiety , There is still a long way to go ! A lot of people only get into ordinary universities , Take the postgraduate exam 、 When he was a doctor, he was admitted to a famous university .

Life is all about experience , The only use of life for you is to experience the ups and downs of life , All the experiences , It's all the inner harvest of life . The process of this experience is far more important than the result , As long as you experience the ups and downs of life in the process of learning , Feel the joys and sorrows of life , This is the most beautiful .

Just try 、 It's hard , The rest is to follow orders . Just listen to the destiny , Let go of worry and anxiety , Keep a peaceful mind . A test 、 A test paper , There are so many accidental factors , Life is nothing but struggle 、 struggle , It's more about luck .

Bad things happen in life , I often think about one or two happy things , There's no need to worry about tomorrow . You see, Mr. Su Dongpo has been demoted all his life 、 In most of China , Suffer a lot , But he did “ A demoiselle for life ”, Suddenly generous , It's a great freedom , Beyond all the pain in the world . This made him a great achievement in literature , It is the highest spiritual benchmark of Chinese scholars .

Actually , Except for what everyone has to face, the final result is certain , Just a few decades of life is just a process , A lot of it is uncertain , We need to work hard and create by ourselves . Don't care about the gains and losses of a city , Your journey is the sea of stars !

Life is actually a marathon , It's not a sprint , It's not a sprint , therefore , Don't care about the temporary success or failure , The key is to keep running smoothly , Persistence is more important than being far ahead in the beginning . A lot of people are starting to do their best 、 Run fast , Often in the end, I can't stick to it , They don't understand “ Who laughs till the end , Who laughs best ”.

children , Some people say that a diploma is just a train ticket , Focus on the soft sleeper , Ordinary hard sleeper , A hard seat for a specialist , Private station ticket . It's not because you're on a soft berth that you get to your destination before you're standing . I think that makes a lot of sense . I'm in a hard seat , Your dad took a hard sleeper , We didn't get on the soft sleeper , It doesn't matter ! Your father and I are still happy ! When we really step into society , In addition to their real ability to solve problems , No one cares where we go to college . The level of test scores , The quality of an undergraduate university , Never determine the size of ability 、 How much happiness .

children , Everyone is just a short life , As long as life can shine, that's what we live for , Whether you are a bright star or a candle with a faint light , All you have to do is shine your light . Mr. Yang Jiang said : The world is its own , Have nothing to do with others . We are good at ourselves , Shine your own light , Don't care about other people's eyes .

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