Friends, hard work

2021-04-30 06:34:18  作者:Life journey

The last day of the show , I can basically relax . Still not adapted to the hotel bed , Although I woke up three times in one night , But there's no pressure , Just to wake up naturally . The birds outside the window are very clear , Put away the restrained tooling , Put on comfortable clothes .

Near eight , Friends, a group of ten , One after another at the cafeteria . Pack up , Check out and check out , Take a taxi to the exhibition center .

Today is mainly a retreat , Dismantling equipment , Packing and packing , Contact the logistics company , Sell the exhibits and equipment to customers , The prototype of the new product is directly sent back to the company . Sure enough, there are many people and great strength , Less than one o'clock , Everything is ready. !

The plan is to take the new female students to the great wall of Mutianyu , It turns out to be this point . Long distance is not feasible , The two people's walk became a group tour ! The advantage is that lesbians can basically be shopkeepers , The luggage is in charge of the whole process .

In view of the fact that there are four new students in the team who haven't visited much , Pressed for time , The classic and economical Tiananmen Square is on the line with two feet walking .

The metro line has been transferred three times , To see many times still solemn Tiananmen Square 、 Monument to heroes , Although it's a matter of time , I didn't get into the Forbidden City 、 Can't wait to drop the flag at 7:00 p.m , It's better to watch the scenery than to listen to it , It's also good to let your friends have some time ; Concave shape patting , Live broadcast to parents and family , It's enough for my friends to walk for two hours .

It's getting late , Tired end team tour , Collective rush to the railway station . I plan to find food near Jianyin hotel , However, the street seems to be in front of us , The legs are as heavy as lead , No longer .

I can't walk , Call on everyone to cheer up , Let's eat Kaifeng food near the entrance ! What is Kaifeng food ? A few young friends inquired , Silly kids , I don't know regional humor at all ,KFC Chant !

The party came to the second floor , It's like a private show , Hamburger Cola Chicken wing tube is enough , Foreign garbage can be made , You can also have a full stomach !

But there are too many people and the list is slow , Eat and wait , Make time by the way , Let's have a few quiet versions of the landlords fight and relax !

Busy to now , Thank you for traveling with the team members , Division of labor and cooperation . The successful conclusion of the exhibition is inseparable from the hard work of every partner !

Have to w , See you later , Beijing !

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