Send to member program (Updated)

2021-04-30 06:20:35  作者:Photography

In the early , To be a Promotion Ambassador , There are a lot of super benefits .

It is decided that , Here it is , Explain the latest membership program .

This recruitment 10 name , If conditions permit , We'll also recruit more members .

The benefits are as follows :

1. Return to shellfish 180 shellfish .

2. Praise your excellent articles from time to time 、 Super praise .

3. Reward Jian Shubei from time to time .

4. You can chat in groups .

Conditions for participation :

1. Must be the first member .( No member has been opened in any channel , Including the official )

2. The number of articles is higher than 30 piece .( There is no limit to the number of words )

3. There are concerns 100, fans 100 above .( Assets are unlimited )

4. Day watch 10 Days or more .

5. This article leaves a message of ancient poetry or beautiful lyrics .

Participate in the way :

Xihu Guanhe invites you to open a Book Membership Welcome to my team , After the purchase , Believe me, Jane , After I have verified it ,24 I'll be back in an hour 180 shellfish , You can also send a private message, I want a member link .

matters needing attention

1. Be sure to be the first member , Otherwise, the reward will not be given .

2. Be sure to use my member link to buy , Otherwise, they will not return to Beibei .

3. It is suggested to use jianshubei to open .

If you want to be a member, you can see it , This activity is effective for a long time , The right of final interpretation belongs to the author .