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At last , Write about spring flowers .

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When flowers bloom everywhere ,

Spring is almost there .

You'll find that ,

In fact, those flowers bloom for the sake of flowering ,

Not really .

The flowers of those giant plants ,

It's a bit gaudy !

And what about the dots in the grass ?

And slightly weak .

The most dislike flowers of Wutong ,

Huge and green !

Purple trumpets ,

When the wind comes ,

It's crackling all over the place !

Knock on the head ,

very painful .

Even the bees that love them ,

He's also big .

What about the flowers for fruit ?

It has the taste of fruit .

Not like the Wutong flower. ,

But the more you smell, the easier it gets to you .

Middle aged women in groups ,

It has become the embellishment of this kind of flowers .

Peony again ,

To drive freely ,

Come and forget yourself ,

Driving like nobody else .

It dwarfs other flowers .

I used my nose near here ,

They don't taste much .

Fair national color ,

Tianxiang , Just give me a break .

But the petals are really carved .

Other ,

I'm not impressed .

If , Flowers become the ocean ,

It's called the sea of flowers .

You're surprised ,

Then it became fear and avoidance .

Or do you like elegant flowers .

Flowers without names .

There's a kind of shrub that grows flowers out of it ,

It's not amazing, but it's amazing ,

When you walk in, it's very delicate .

Little ,

Yellow ,

The branches trembled ,

After the morning mist ,

Extraordinary spirit .

The next day it was time to watch ,

It has withered away .

It's a pity ,

Call it the flower of solitude ,

Strange flowers .

Left a very beautiful impression ,

But it's nameless .

The light yellow among the green leaves .

Flowers don't bloom for people to see ,

Finally understand this truth .

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