Doubts in Zhu Ziqing's back

2021-04-30 06:13:08  作者:Life journey

Go home and sell the pledge , My father paid back the deficit , I borrowed money for the funeral , It's very bleak at home these days , Half for funerals , Half for my father's leisure , My father is going to Nanjing after work , I'm going back to Beijing to study , We will go together .

——《 Back 》

The description of this paragraph , Don't understand . One goes to Nanjing , One goes to Beijing , Why did the author go around Nanjing with his father . Then take a bus from Nanjing to Beijing . Since the author said in front of the family bleak , Not very rich economically , Why increase the cost of going back to Beijing ? Not directly back to Beijing from Xuzhou . After going with my father, I will leave in Nanjing . Is the cost from Nanjing to Beijing cheaper than that from Xuzhou to Beijing . You know, it's three or four hundred kilometers more from Nanjing to Beijing than from Xuzhou to Beijing . Besides, it costs one more person to go from Nanjing .

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