The story of wild lotus root 83

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The two of them are singing in unison , Alan rubbed his eyes back and forth , Suddenly I feel a little confused , It's not going to be a dream . Sister Tang takes out a white towel , Bring me a basin of water , Wipe Alan's face with a towel , Jiang tianqiang ran to the door , It's like guarding the door , He thought if someone else passed by the door , Just block the others , Don't let others see the people and things in this room .

Sister Tang said :“ Alan , What do I do to you , You're in my hands , I treat you like a sister , You want to transfer to a grocery store , I also said a lot of good things to you , There are some things I didn't tell you , So you don't know , Today I take this opportunity to say to you , Originally, the non-staple food store was my sister , It's my own sister , Later I learned that you wanted to go , I didn't let my sister go , Because I see team leader Jiang , In the face of Jiang tianqiang , I think it should be done .”

“ That's true. , But today I saw you two doing this , I thought it was a dream , Now I see clearly , It's the two of you acting in front of me , You're really good at acting , I can see who you are , It's true to know people, faces and hearts .”

“ Sister Alan , I'll call you sister , What you just saw is not true , What you see is an illusion , It's really itchy on Jiang tianqiang's back , I was tickling him , You think I'm ten years younger than him , Plus four or five years old, I can have him , How can I do that kind of thing with him . I said, , Just calm down , Think about it , Is what you see really , Of course, you insist that it's true , If anyone outside knows , Jiang tianqiang and I have a bad reputation , What good can you get ? Of course , Neither Jiang tianqiang nor I will let you go , So you have to think about the consequences .”

“ I really see you holding together .” Alan said .

“ If you really want to say that , I'm going to call someone from outside , I want to say to them , You and Jiang tianqiang are naked , This is the production data department , In broad daylight , How can you do such shameful things in our unit .” Sister Tang retorted .

At this time , Jiang tianqiang stretched out his head from the door and said :“ Sister Tang is for you , Don't make trouble , Well, no deal, no fight , The three of us find a restaurant to have dinner together , You take it easy , Sister Tang and I were also shocked .”

Alan said :“ You're blind , Is sister Tang doing it for me ? I used to think that sister Tang was a capable elder sister , Now in my eyes, you are shameless people , I'm really blind, too .”

Sister Tang said :“ Alan , It's no fun for you to say that , Jiang tianqiang and I are innocent , How can you do such inferior things ? It's true that catching a thief is dirty , It takes two to catch a traitor . Do you have any evidence ?”

And he said :“ If you talk about me and Jiang tianqiang outside , Then I'm really rude to you , I have a hammer here 、 Long sword 、 Hemp rope has everything , People can do everything when they lose their mind .”

Sister Tang began to intimidate Alan .

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