21 day diary of Bigu

2021-04-30 05:47:45  作者:Photography

I weighed myself today 56.6kg, I'm very happy , I arrived before 55 Kg began to Ziwa chaos, all kinds of confusion began to lose weight .

So the more kids get fat, the more they pay , I don't have a target weight , I just feel like I'm back to 53,54 It's safer to weigh one kilogram .

Today is still 16 I ordered a small bowl of Coix and red bean porridge , Fried eggs with agaric 250 Gram or so , Stewed kelp with tofu 100 Gram or so .

At night, too 20 I finished a bowl of Adlay and red beans before midnight 、 A bowl of stewed kelp with tofu , Because I really don't feel hungry . One meal in the afternoon is enough , Or for the sake of family harmony Simo It's more comfortable to have dinner together .

After dinner with a few wolfberry .

Sports , After about a week, I put my neck at Fengchi point , That's where the skull connects to the cervical spine , The part in charge of the first and second cervical vertebrae is massaging more and more deeply , It doesn't sound any more in the morning .

I had a scraping last night , Half an hour after I got up this morning, I patted , Half an hour of twisting and stretching . Learning for a while, also stepping on the massage ball .

About half an hour in the afternoon Boxing, It's about half an hour of stretching .

Take a hot bath . Check your cell phone after dinner , I want to relax today , I don't want to do anything , Maybe drawing yesterday was too brain burning ……

If you feel tired, have a rest

Good night, ! Good sleep ……