"Three words and two words" technology is really not the most important

2021-04-30 05:45:53  作者:Life journey

Last night, , Some boring , Watched a few episodes 《 Surgical situation 》.

Female Master Lu Chenxi , I thought it was Wang Luodan , Later it turned out to be Bai Baihe . Some people say , The two stood together , Actually, there is a big difference . I'm not a young man , I can't tell .

Apart from the actors, the plot , Dr. Lu is very capable , It's also very personal .

She often turns to her immediate boss, director Yang , Of course, director Yang often wears shoes for her . Of course , Director Yang is not a good person either .

In terms of her dispute with Director Yang , Several people have warned her , As a doctor , Good technology is not enough .

That's right . Lu Chenxi's experience shows that , As a doctor , Technology matters , But technology is not the most important . Or say , If you can't use technology, you can't , But just technology , Certainly not .

It's not just doctors , My experience tells me , Teachers' , The engineer , And other people , It's the same thing . Technology matters , But just technology , Definitely not .

When I was a child , The teacher said , Learn mathematics and chemistry well , I'm not afraid to walk all over the world . When I grow up, I find that , No matter how good mathematical chemistry is , We can't be afraid of everything .

No matter how well you drive , You have to drive carefully , Avoid scratching and rear end collision . The road is not your home , A lot of people are running .

It's simple . The reality is cruel .

Lu Chenxi in the TV series is very lucky . Lu Chenxi in reality must be very miserable .

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