A busy day

2021-04-30 03:10:37  作者:Photography

Get up in the morning and do a good job in the office , Set out to review papers in Jinjiao , The crowd nearby is really noisy , Put on your wireless headset , Some light music . Today's marking task is to feel better for the first time in history , Not so tired ! Go home for a rest in the afternoon , Take care of my black mage ( With 12 It's gone , Stop 、 No more !) Go back to school , Let's go to the present , Take a bath and lie in bed . I thought I'd be furious with a careless child , When I watch sister rabbit scold her children in Xiting dialect : My eyes are off ! I instantly laughed , Take this sentence to our baby :“ I don't want to scold you , But it doesn't mean I'm not angry , But I feel like you're more angry than I should be , So I don't have to blame !” In the evening, I have been very attentive to communicate with the children about the test paper , Damei said that she knew the eighteen questions , I'll let her explain , Either way , She stood in front of the platform for a long time ......... In fact, this is a common feature , Most of the time, when children listen to it, they will , It's wrong to do it , A little knowledge in class , I don't digest and consolidate in time after class , There is no high score test ? There's no way to know ? I've suffered losses over and over again , I still don't know how to repent ! In the process of explanation , A big moth flew over my head , On the big table , The young man rubbed and hid at Cheng Yutong's desk , I'm going to hide in someone else's arms , The reason is afraid of insects , The whole class burst into laughter , Qian Da's face is full of fear , My head is shaking like a rattle . I gave a multiple choice question :A Kill the bug . B Leave the classroom by yourself , Qian Dayi looks constipated . If you pick up a book and turn around “ Crack ”, The whole world was quiet for a moment , Moth also reported to Marx quietly ! The stunned child returned to his seat , Still remembering the moths of yesterday , We found that the alarm was off , In an instant, the spring is shining !