April 29, 2021: late spring, Sansheng's "rural residence in Flower Town"

2021-04-30 00:29:08  作者:Photo essay column

January this year ,“ Sansheng Flower Town · Rural residence in Huaxiang ” As a Sansheng village “ Five golden flowers ” Country AAAA It's the first core scenic spot in the world , From the integration of urban and rural, rural ecological farm , Now, the leisure yard in the park city , After two years of iteration and upgrading, we have built , Reappear Chengdu with a brand new image .

however , today , We're just at the end of spring “ be long in coming ” Well .

All kinds of flowers are blooming outside the huge glass greenhouse , It's full of flowers for sale .

The agricultural workers are still working hard .

Everywhere is the breath of late spring and even early summer .

Beautiful scenery .

All the way down , There are also many glass flower houses and other landscaping under construction .

The flower country should build more glass flower houses like this .

You can see , Garden design is unique ,

Restaurants and entertainment places .

The exterior of leisure accommodation has a sense of the times .

There are a lot of farmhouses in Huaxiang , You can also take a battery car for sightseeing .

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