Copying a fine brushwork picture of fruits and vegetables with the technique of myrrh

2021-04-30 00:05:39  作者:Photography skills

Recently, I copied a picture of fruits and vegetables in fine brushwork , Forget who the original is ( I'm really sorry ). It's still drawn with the boneless technique , Because meticulous writing is too patient ~

Here's the painting process :

  1. The flowers are green + Rattan + A little bit of ochre, olive green , Draw the petiole ;

  1. Grass green paint leaves , The reverse leaf can be drawn in light grass green , Hit a little light ochre while it's wet ;

  1. Light eosin draws the shape of the fruit , The clear water pen is faint and bright red , I hit titanium dioxide in a lighter place ; Light Rouge in places with heavier colors ;

  1. When it's dry , use Eosin + A little Rouge can dye the grain on the fruit , alike , Where titanium white is lighter ; Light ink outlines the veins of the leaves ;

  1. Finally, when the page is dry , Use Rouge ink ( Rouge + Adjust the light ink to ) Just a little bit of the red color , If you think the color is dark, you can add less light ink or you can halo dye a light dawn red .

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