Beauty and history in the beauty of ancient colors

2021-04-30 00:05:32  作者:Photography skills

Today's world is colorful , There seems to be no color that can't be blended , But since the Neolithic Age , The discovery and creation of color by our ancestors started with luck .

Things that seem common today , They are all created after thousands of years of precipitation and summary .

Now look at our thousands of years of Chinese culture , Most of them are reflected in cultural relics and antiques . We should analyze the history and culture , Usually from the existing buildings 、 Unearthed cultural relics, etc , To analyze and study .

Although the times are different now , Aesthetics is different . But the temperament of many ancient exquisite cultural relics , But I like it all the time .

Like many fashion and beauty brands now , It's all retro , With ancient designs and colors 、 Modeling, etc , To endow modern design with more connotative cultural flavor .

Pop songs with antiquity , They are all very popular .

But I think : To appreciate an object , Apart from people with profound cultural heritage, they can focus on history and culture , Most of us still look at the appearance first . It's like shape 、 The work is done 、 Color, etc , And the color is also the most intuitive .

《 The beauty of antiquity 》 This book , Through the analysis of color , Let's take a look at the thousands of years of Chinese culture , How do people in different periods understand and apply , And we can see what the cultural life was like at that time .

For example, when appreciating cyan , You can see the light of the moon in the sky , We also see that “ Green Son Jin ” Energy and “ very grieved ” I'm down in the dumps , And the magnificent rivers and mountains in ancient paintings .

While appreciating red , We know “ red ” It used to be the color of fire , and “ zhu ” and “ Dan ” It's all about something in the beginning , It's just that both items are red , Later, it was gradually used to represent colors .

While appreciating yellow , You can learn about the exclusive yellow in TV series , It began in the period of Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty , By the Ming Dynasty, it had been imprisoned to the point of beheading the violator . We can also see what an emperor's attitude towards power and the people was .

While appreciating white , We can vaguely see the hardship of the people in the Qin Dynasty , You can also see the elegance of the literati in the Tang Dynasty , There are ancient beauties dressing up in the mirror 、 lily-white skin .

While appreciating black , Far into the eternal gaze of the universe , Understand the meaning of life in time and space , Taste the philosophy of life in the tea cups of the Song Dynasty .

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