Ancient "green" beauty

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green , In the human world, it is regarded as an intermediate color , But everywhere it is , But I don't mind . It's silent , Watch the world calmly , Regardless of the grand scene , No deep feelings .

The birth of glaze gives me a chance to see the colors of thousands of years ago , Including green . Green flourished in the Han Dynasty , Although it is thick and beautiful , But not in everyday life , It's used in the underworld .

It's like a water Pavilion on a kitchen 、 Cattle and sheep barn or something , Everything in our daily life , The thick green glaze on it seems to use this color to revitalize the world .

Dragon head spoon ( han ) Chicago Museum, USA

Later this kind of pure green glaze ware , I don't know why I didn't make it again , It's green decoration . As we know, Tang Sancai 、 Qiong Sancai , One of them is green , For local decoration .

After that, Song Dynasty 、 element 、 Ming Dynasty , It's also rare to make . In the Qing Dynasty , All of a sudden, it's being taken seriously again , The firing of green glaze reached its peak . Light is a green , There are a dozen different , It's like turquoise 、 The lake is green 、 Onion heart green or something , have everything that one expects to find .

Green glazed bowl with chrysanthemum petals ( Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty )

We said before , Before the Qing Dynasty, Zhucui was decorated with kingfisher feathers , It was not until the Qing Dynasty that jadeite was used to replace . Some are made of enamel , It's also made of green glaze , It can be seen that at this time the love of green to .

Some analysis , Because the rulers of the Qing Dynasty were Manchus from the forest and snow plains , They believe in Shaman culture , Yes “ Liu totem ” There is a feeling of admiration , And this worship is also reflected in the Manchu people's desire for green and the pursuit of life .

just , The emerald is bright green , Like the flourishing willow leaves , It coincides with their green .

Jade carving ( clear )

Others say , Jadeite is precious , But it wasn't very popular in the Qing Dynasty , The reason why this thing is so popular , Thanks to Empress Dowager Cixi .

Empress Dowager Cixi is a fan of feicui , Her Changchun palace is from ornament to decoration , From bowls and chopsticks to all kinds of things , As long as it can be made of jadeite , It's all made of emerald . It's really luxurious !

It seems that Empress Dowager Cixi is very fashionable , She is the favorite dumpling of modern people 、 Eating hot pot has her 、 Take jadeite and her . by the way , And the jasmine tea we like now , I have a deep affinity with her …

This is the Empress Dowager , It's really frustrating .

I like emerald besides , And I like turquoise . This kind of stone is very popular among Tibetans , In the Tibetan decoration that people often see , The turquoise ones are turquoise . And because of that , Let's look at turquoise , Always feel a little exotic .

Turquoise is the first natural gem used for decoration in China , But it wasn't called turquoise , The name Turquoise was only used in the Qing Dynasty , Originally called “ Dianziyu ”, It can be seen that it is also a kind of jade .

Gold set Turquoise box ( clear )

and , Set “ stone ” The simplicity of the original and “ jade ” Turquoise is a kind of warm and gorgeous turquoise , The color is persistent and bright , It has been a symbol of power and wealth for thousands of years , Never declined .

To modern times , Good quality turquoise is also much more expensive than gold , There are also many collectors .

Jadeite and Turquoise , Modern imitation technology is also superb , Friends who like to collect must find professionals to identify .

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