Punch in at Hanyang advertising creative park (day shift)

2021-04-29 23:59:19  作者:Photography

I've been to Guishan and Qingchuan holiday hotel from Guibei road many times to enjoy cherry blossom , Through Hanyang to build advertising creative park , They didn't go in and punch in , Today I'm going to climb turtle mountain , Go to Hanyang advertising creative park to punch in .

I didn't expect that Hanyang advertising creative park is a place of petty bourgeois literature and art , The western style large glass windows of Hanyang Club , Green creeper , Surrounded by green trees Because Of You Red House Cafe , Vera at The bicycle in the photo studio , Green plants in soft light and A Vera at Han's picture , Simple and beautiful , In the library “ Read more , Read good books , Good at reading ” The slogan and the coffee , It makes people feel the smell of scholarly coffee , The stairs in Hanyang advertising creative park , Tables and chairs , The umbrella , Photos taken , They are so petty bourgeoisie, so beautiful ! Guibei road and Guishan are covered with trees , Fresh air , Cool breeze , It makes people feel that everything is so happy and beautiful !

Actually, go out and play , I don't care how beautiful the scenery is , And care about the people who walk with you , Good company , The general scenery also feels beautiful ! Because the people who walk together , It's also the scenery .