My heart to my daughter who just entered the University: I didn't know Ling yunmu at that time, but I went straight to Ling yunmu

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beloved daughter , See the letter as you see it , Recently I learned that you are new to school , From north to south , Because there is a big difference between the north and the south , I'm not used to it , I'm very concerned about .

It's almost midnight after the chat , Not enough , Let's say a few words of advice to our children as college students and parents in the 1990s .

First of all , It's about learning

Enter the university , Teachers teach and students accept , It's very different from middle school .

In high school , Teachers usually teach in class , Cramming education , Students are “ Where to hit ”. One sets goals , One just does it .

And how much will the teacher ask you to do , Mandatory measures , Let you achieve these goals , Let you have a mission , Have to learn .

In the university , College teachers are just responsible for the classroom , Give you what you should teach , As for whether you do it or not 、 Complete or not , Teachers don't pay much attention to .

Of course, there are also responsible teachers , Will ask to be able to achieve certain goals ( For example, regular classroom spot checks 、 Test after class ), And college or department , Each semester must achieve certain credits , These are also mandatory methods .

But university education is not as strict as middle school education , It's easy for a lot of people to indulge in fun in college . There are also online exposures , Some university classes are decadent ( Play the game 、 sleep 、 Chat, etc ).

In College , The degrees of freedom increase , Personal self-control is very important .

Make a study plan at the beginning of the semester , Step by step, according to the plan .

To complete the credits required by the College , This is the basic academic requirement ; Plan to set some short-term promotion goals for yourself .

For example , What skills do I need to learn this semester , I need to participate in or self-study what can improve my personal ability ( train 、 Lecture 、 Classes, etc ).

And according to some small goals of this semester , Break it down into a more detailed plan , Every day on schedule .

second , Keep exercising .

The body is the capital of the revolution , No body , Nothing , It's all empty talk .

In College , The degree of freedom is relatively large , Except for a month of military training , The rest of the time is basically physical education is to complete the credit is enough , No PE teacher forces you to exercise .

You need to make a fitness plan for yourself , For example, run morning exercises every day 、 Do a push up before going to bed at night 、 Plate support 、 sit-ups …… wait , The key is self-control and persistence .

What time do you get up every day ? What time do you start running exercises ? morning exercises ? having dinner ? According to one's own situation , You can also make some relatively loose plans for yourself , For example , Monday, Wednesday and Friday , Tuesdays and Thursdays , Do something else , Read early , Take a walk ……

Weekend , The time to get up can be about half an hour later than usual , It's a reward for a week ( Of course, it would be better if you could get up early as usual ), These are all OK , But there must be , A consistent fitness program .

Bodybuilding , It's not just the need for good health , It's also a manifestation of the external form , It's a habit of self-control .

It's no exaggeration , Control your weight ( health ), I have grasped my life .

Third , Interpersonal relationship between classmates

Reunion, harmonious relationship and mutual respect will make you have a good university life , But there's no need to please anyone without a bottom line .

It's fate to get together , But because of different habits , It's hard to avoid that , For some do not harm the principle and moral bottom line habits , Don't worry about it .

No one is perfect , You hate one of her habits , Maybe she doesn't like one of your characteristics, either ? Be tolerant of each other , But if you bully people, you can't .

Don't bully people , Don't tolerate people bullying you without limits .

Don't hurt yourself too much , After all, we are going to learn , Focus on study , But classmate relationship , Let it be , draw , Don't make it difficult for others , But it's hard for others to do it intentionally , And don't be weak .

If it's something trivial , I'd like to drive more , Big things don't stick to small things , Don't worry about small things , Magnanimous , Love before you win .

Of course , Some people bully the soft and fear the hard , Some people don't know how to be grateful , Some people put their noses on their faces …… For such people , Have the courage to say “ No ”.

Isn't there a word ?“ You have to be kind ”, Don't let some unprincipled forbearance encourage unhealthy tendencies , Hurt others, hurt yourself .

No matter when , Don't rush people , Forgive and forgive , Don't haggle over everything without injury , This degree should be grasped .

How to grasp ? You know horsepower from afar , See people for a long time , Get along with more comfortable people , And become friends , Stay away from people with negative energy .

Especially for those rubbish people , And stay away from me , Know how to protect yourself .

The fourth is community activities .

You can take part in some club activities according to your abilities, hobbies and the needs of the college , And the activities of the Group Department of the student union .

On the one hand , I can do my duty as a student . On the other hand , Increase your awareness of serving your classmates , Prepare for serving the society in the future .

On the other hand , You can also exercise your personal ability , For example , Organization and coordination ability , Ability to solve problems , And interpersonal skills , The ability to work together .

In addition to mastering professional knowledge, college students are learning English , These basic social skills are very helpful to your future work and life .

Community activities , You can also communicate with senior brothers and sisters across majors , Indirectly, you can also expand your social sphere , Increase your social knowledge , Open up your horizons .

Communicate and learn more with experienced senior brothers and sisters , There's a mouth under the nose . Don't be complacent with a little progress , Be grateful to those who support and help you , Know how to pass on and give back to help .

Don't be discouraged if you fail . Learn more , Contribute to the subsequent improvement of .

You just started running a club , Inexperience is normal , Listen to the advice of the seniors , Even if other people's opinions are not quite right , We should also think of others from the perspective of benefits , Only in this way can we get more and more support and help from others .

But one thing , We can't let community activities and voluntary service activities , Take up a lot of your time , On the contrary, it will delay your study , That's not gonna work .

Because the main task of students is to study , Increase your expertise , You can't sacrifice yourself to the end 、 lose a great deal through trying to save a little .

Many students come to university , It's easy to be dazzled , After all, when I was in high school , It's hard to study , There are very few social activities .

Once in College , After more community activities , It's like granny Liu entering Grand View Garden , It's hard to avoid wanting to participate in all kinds of activities .

This is the result , It's going to cause you to lose your skills , And for some activities , Cause yourself to be absent from class , Truancy happens from time to time , In this way, we will lose the original intention of organizing associations and student union .

Community activities and service projects , After all, it's an embellishment attached to learning , You should have finished your studies , I have the energy and time to increase my social knowledge , We must not go from the beginning to the end .

The fifth , Expand your hobbies .

This and that social activity should be discussed separately , That is to say, simply from their own personal hobbies , You can choose one or two hobbies to stick to after you go to college .

For example, calligraphy , Painting , Dance , Keep fit …… These are necessary , however , If you choose one, you must stick to it , Don't try too much 、 Everything is easy, everything is loose .

That is to say, you need to find one that you are particularly passionate about , And can persist in the kind of hobby .

I really like hobbies or hobbies that I think are helpful to my study , It depends on the situation , But we should grasp a degree .

Or that sentence , It's like taking part in social activities , You can't lose the big for the small , attend to trifles to the neglect of essentials , Or there is no distinction between primary and secondary .

Add some hobbies , It's when there's spare power in learning .

The sixth , It's about the Internet .

The Internet is like a kaleidoscope , It's not just attracting adults 、 minors , It also attracts college students with knowledge, ability and brains .

Especially now , Take-out food 、 Courier 、 Online training …… wait , Surfing the Internet is inevitable .

however , You can't delay your work because of surfing the Internet , You can set your own online time , Network time at a fixed time every day , Make you more focused on the habit of doing things , Avoid time wasting .

This is no longer wordy , You can go to the net before you go to bed every day , But be sure to control your time .

Or entertainment takes up too much time , Addicted to the Internet , This is not appropriate . About the harm of the Internet , I don't want to say too much , Because there are many cases on the Internet .

Put a book by your pillow when you sleep , Read books before going to bed , Books are more affordable than the Internet ,“ The stomach has the poetry book gas from China ”, In the long term , It's hard not to have temperament , Have fun , Read more .

The seventh , About the economy

It is suggested that you provide a special book as a daily entry and exit record .

According to the learning category ( The teaching material 、 train 、 Information 、 The tuition fees )、 The cost of living ( dress 、 diet )、 Temporary miscellaneous expenses …… And so on .

For the cost of every day , Make some notes . Every week , Make a small summary , Make a big summary every month , living expenses 、 The cost of necessities and other miscellaneous expenses , Have a sense of your own spending , Arrange the expenses in a controlled way .

The economy , Don't compare with your classmates , Just warm and comfortable with food and clothing , Only in this way can we focus on the improvement of academic level .

What you should compare with most is the result evaluation , That's the most powerful proof that you are a contemporary college student .

Don't worry about financial management for the time being , Because you're still a student , Don't think about it for the time being .

This stage , You can't avoid some scams , I don't want you to waste your time and energy on this , Of course , It's also necessary to learn a little financial knowledge in your spare time .

In the current academic based and no financial skills , You don't need to open source . But cutting costs , It is to allocate your living expenses and tuition and miscellaneous expenses in a planned way , It's what you need to do , I believe you can do the same .

Never borrow online , Never borrow online , Never borrow online !

With your current knowledge and experience structure , It's hard for you to tell , Which loans on the Internet are in good faith , Which loans are some pitfalls . therefore , Mom suggested , Don't touch Internet loans .

Because of the trap of online lending 、 You are defenseless , Adults have a lot of experience working for many years , Sometimes it's too much to guard against , What's more, a college student who has not entered the society !

There are even some online loan traps , The person you are facing , It's college students . Because college students have a strong desire to buy , But when there's no concept of spending , And impulsive 、 Hot blood up there , It's a lie !

Now there are many bloody cases of College Students' online loans exposed on the Internet , Keep in mind that !

Many college students enter the University , It's easy to compare with the surrounding students . At this time, you should remember what your original intention is , Eat well, wear warm and comfortable , The main task is still learning . What you should compare with most is your grades ! Grades are a lie detector for your academic level over a period of time .

You still have a long life , At the right age of youth , The stage of learning , We should do our own study well , Instead of following blindly , Go and compare with the students around you .

College days , It's still a stage where people mainly ask for money , All the parents , Especially Chinese parents , They prefer to save by themselves , We should try our best to have children first .

When college students ask their parents for money , Parents will think , I can't let my own children suffer , It is said that “ practise thrift at home but be amply provided while traveling ”, I'll try my best to send the money .

But children may not know what their parents' financial situation is at home ? They only know one phone call, one text message , A letter can urge a sum of money .

Steamed bread and pickled vegetables that parents eat at home , The kids are out drinking ; My parents are white at home , The children are wearing brand names ; Parents live a simple life at home , The children are out making friends ……

Once parents are unable to support , Or encounter difficulties , It's a habit to spend money , Afraid of the temptation of the Internet .

Keep in mind that : Don't touch the online loan , Live within your means at all times 、 Our strengths .

This is to develop the habit of keeping a running account of expenses .

One side , Let you know what to spend and what not to spend ; Second, let's take a look at your university 4 The total amount of money spent in the year , The cost of a family training a college student , Wake up from time to time , Don't forget to focus on your studies .

And third , You can also develop a sense of spending money from your student days 、 The habit of planned consumption . Be able to control the habit of not wasting money , This habit , Will benefit for life .

Of course , It's just part of the parents 、 Some kids .

Most parents are intelligent , Love him “ The plan is far-reaching ”; Most children are self disciplined and filial , No matter when “ Not falling into the blue clouds ”.

Less Internet access 、 How to read , Universities pay more attention to quality education , And extracurricular knowledge 、 Expanding the scope of knowledge , Libraries are great , We should cherish resources .

Have a goal 、 Have a plan , There should be a plan in mind from now on .

In addition to the required courses to learn , Should we consider a second major in our spare time ? Do you want to increase the cultivation of a core skill ? Never waste your energy on trifles .

in addition , In your spare time after study , Call your parents and grandparents regularly at regular time , So as not to be tied up at home .

Last , Health and safety are always the expectation of your parents .

Wish you , Don't fall in love with Ling Yunzhi , When I was young .

“ The wind breaks the waves , Sail the clouds straight to the sea .”

I wish my children in this new starting point :

“ Dapeng is in the same wind one day , Up to 90000 miles .”

“ At that time, people didn't know Ling yunmu , Straight to Lingyun, the road is high .”

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