The vine of love

2021-04-29 23:54:16  作者:Literary FM

Hang out at the flower market , In the greenhouse , There are more than ten pots of delicate objects hanging in the corner . Take a look at , The leaves of exquisite plants , It's heart-shaped , On time , I'm interested in .

“ Boss , What is this ?”,“ The vine of love !” The gentle boss with glasses said in a crisp voice .“ Love —— And —— Vine ——” I'm dragging , To savor , Good elegant name !

After taking it home , I hang it on the flower rack on the balcony , Start to observe . The vine of love is a foliage plant , When we looked around , Its leaves are like the shape of a heart , Let people feel full of love and warmth . The leaves grow in pairs , There are two without one , The vein is clear , It's very clear . The branches fall naturally , Like a shy girl , Reserved and euphemistic . Its flower language is heart to heart , Love you with my whole life , We'll be together forever , Happiness . It's like love , Convey the meaning of love to people .

Remember when you're going to take it home , I often take care of its branches and leaves that are intertwined with each other , The florist said with a smile :“ Go home and take your time ……” The implication , It's hard to comb its branches and leaves in order . I want to come now , Just like love , a multitude of things , have all kinds of connections with , I don't know , Unknown Tao , Richard also disorderly !

It is said that people who plant the vine of love will get happiness , Because this flower is blessed by love , Will spread happiness and love around , At the same time, it represents the unknown love . In my heart , Love is sacred , unique , Precious , Priceless and rare . Everyone has the right to love and be loved . Love is not always on the lips , Love is pure and simple 、 I only wish the other side well . Love cannot be a fire , Burning up , Only ugly ashes left , Sigh helplessly . True love , Simmer over low heat , water flowing out in a trickle takes a long time to exhaust , It's continuous , With a white head .

Love slowly , Love slowly , I love you so much , Long love , With an expectant heart , To face the most sincere feelings in life .

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