Shili pailou (38)

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Third uncle : I used to have a good youth . Yes , good . Let you remember my . Let the snow cover the memory on the earth . Let the snow come down . Let the dusk on the four fields pray down . The place where I work darkens . That year , I'm eating my arm , I opened my lips in the wild . When I work , The boss took my hand . I can't remember the name of the boss . The boss looks very broad . The boss has a big head . Old white one . The boss's hair is already very thin . The head of the law blind , The mark on the head , The broad wilderness on the rough hair . Really? , I've been on the road at the construction site . The cement on the road has turned white . A greasy body , I'm stacked with other people's bodies . And what they look like , I sleep in the dust of the road . On the dust , Where I've been , I'm intertwined with their bodies . And I look like , It's sloppy , It's hard to , Very confused , It's wild . My general rudeness , Let them see my sorrow . I am now , I've been lying in a room for the night . My body is already very bad . My wife , Still a deaf mute . My daughter and son , The ten mile archway outside my house , Has given up my desolation . Really? , My world has been completely prepared . All the memories , Can't stop my youth . Yes , Youth is like the attic in my memory , The place where I collapsed was restored . I'm looking forward to it very much !

Some guys : My , My good brother , Now where are you lying ?

Third uncle : Tell me , I have been lying in the operating room of Guangfu hospital . My time is running out . My wonderful memory , It's all with you . I remember . Yes , I see you . You've returned to my old yard . You're standing in front of my house , Watching the rain and snow fall down . Really? , My good brother !

Some guys : Good brothers , Good friend . Our memories are back . In front of our door , It's already snowed . Yes , We're going to your hospital soon . We're on our way . We bought bananas and apples , We bought some drinks , We bought some flowers . My brother , We'll be here in a minute . We have come to see you . On your way , remember , Our good brother , Live well , To wake up suddenly , Live every day , To live bravely . Remember what we said , Our good place , Our good brother , Our fighting brothers ! Struggling with illness . Fight the disease . Fight with the fire . Our place , The dream dance we got , Our children , Fight on , Our magic weapon is bravery , Our flames are reflective , Our memory is resurrection . Really? , It must be resurrected .

Third uncle : Thank you . I lay quietly in the hospital . Waiting for you to come ! For memory , To revive the memory of life , In order to suddenly tell , To survive , I have to struggle . Cling to the stump of life , Hold on to the resurrected God , To get on our way , To revive our youth , Be sure to live .

Some guys : We're on our way . We drive a battery car . Our heads are covered with snow . It's snowing . Really? , Our good brother , Now , It's snowing on the road . It's snowing harder and harder . Our memories are full of blood .

Third uncle : Really? , Memory like snow , It's as rough as snow , In front of my ward , There are already standing nurses . They revived my youth in my memory . And my youth , Mixed with my memory . Now , I want to live bravely . We have to struggle . Man revives the fragrance of the four seasons . The colors of the flowers are resurrected .

Some guys : We went up the steps . The door of Guangfu hospital is so big . We went to the porter . There are several nurses standing at the door of the hospital . There's a nurse , We remember , It's really beautiful ! Yes , Our good brother , There are so many beautiful girls here . Really? , Going to the hospital is also very happy . Have good memories . There are beautiful steps . There are beautiful scenery . Along the way , We're going fast . I'll be in your room in a minute . I see you !

Third uncle : Good! , My brothers , I've already seen you ! It's just that my body doesn't work , I can't sit up .

Some guys : Good brothers , Here we come . We have come to your door . You! , Our brother , You're lying in the ward , Your head is full of hunger and thirst , Your head has turned white , Your eyes are black , Your eyes are black , Your nostrils are full of abalone , Our brother , You're in the middle of something . We stand in front of you , We all held our breath , We're watching your resurrection , We listen to your voice , We are dim . Yes , Time is running out . We have recalled the events of that year over and over again ! Our good brother , On the streets of those cities , In those messy gardens , In those famine years , Our memories are all alive . Really? , remember , brother .

Third uncle : I'm on my way . fast , It's almost there . The last journey of life is coming .

Some guys : Here we come . We heard your rough breathing . Dim . Our starry night , In front of our door , It's frozen . Xuefei is in Guangfu hospital . On a snowy day , Our memories are white . Enough is enough , scolded , Our immediate time has arrived . It's gone right away . It's all over the place . It's gone .

Third uncle : I see my youth again . Really? , youth , Return to my resurrection again .

Some guys : Beautiful resurrection . Really? , All of this , It's coming back to life right away . We stand in front of you . We look at your yellow face . We see you , Immediately those youth time returned to our memory again . And you , Already lying in the dark cave . Our memories , There are twists and turns . Our age , It's gone . The last hope I got , The last return , The final observation , The last complaint , Our years are completely empty . One last look , Our good brother , Time is running out . We will never see your life again . Remember all this . Remember the snow in the twilight . Remember all the scenery of Guangfu hospital at the moment . Because everything's going to be gone . Only you , We're brothers now !

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