[original] a pair of small white shoes

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A pair of white shoes , It's the carrier of love , It's also wonderful in memory .

It's nearly nine in the evening , It's time for my little brother to wash up and go to bed . We've been given an interim notice , Tomorrow's little brother's grade program will be shot , White shoes are required .

My little brother has a lot of shoes , All kinds of , Different colors . It just happened , No white , Not a pair . Eight people , Rehearsed for half a month , Naturally, we can't be the laggard one .

The high law of vigorous and resolute conduct , Always a reliable dad , With the car key, I took my little brother out of the door . Regardless of price , Regardless of the brand , Only consider whether it can meet the requirements of the teacher . A few blocks , I went around a few stores , Finally, I bought the white shoes that meet the requirements .

When you enter the house , Both father and son's smiles are relaxed , It's quite a triumphant return . On Gao LV , It's down to earth , There's no need to worry about the children going to school tomorrow . The little brother said , This is good , I can take part in shooting with confidence .

Looking at the father and son with a copy and paste like face , I feel the best father son relationship . Whenever , As long as you need , My father is the one who gets rid of all difficulties . You can be hard on yourself , But don't embarrass you .

Looking at the simple style 、 High quality white shoes , I also think of my little white shoes . My little white shoes , It's wonderful in my memory , It is also the carrier of love .

I forgot to be children's day of grade 1 in primary school , I was selected by the teacher as the representative of the young pioneers , Give a speech in front of the whole school . I'm old enough to love beauty , Now that I've been chosen as a representative , Just want to be more brilliant .

School uniform is a uniform dress code , You can't write about clothes , I can only work on shoes . therefore , I went to beg my father to buy me a new pair of shoes . My father, who always gave me everything I asked , Without saying a word, he rode out of the door . Go to the door , He turned to me and said , Go to school well , Dad is going to buy you the best looking shoes .

On that day , I thought about it all day at school , Thinking about what kind of shoes my father would buy me , I think my father has gone home , Still on the way . Absent mindedly , I can't even lift my favorite rubber band .

I finally got through to school , I put on my schoolbag and ran home . But I didn't want to , Just around the corner of the school wall, I bumped into my father .

The afterglow of the setting sun fell on my father , As if plated with a layer of golden light . My father is leaning on his bike , There is a brand new shoe box hanging on the handlebar . He blamed me for being impetuous , Pass the box to me over and over .

I opened the box carefully , Inside lies a pair of beautiful little white shoes , More beautiful shoes than any girl in the class . I jumped into my father's arms happily , Say thank you , My father touched my hair lightly .

All of a sudden , Father conjures a bag of biscuits out of his pocket , Put it in my hand , He patted the front beam of the bicycle and said , come up , Dad takes you home .

I'm sitting on the front beam of my bike , My father held me firmly in his arms . I'm eating delicious biscuits , I'm dangling my little white shoes , I also chat with my father from time to time , The mood is too beautiful to describe .

The setting sun lengthens our shadow , As if the happy time could shine forever . That moment , I hope it's a long, long way home .

Later, the speech was wonderful , Although I have forgotten what I said at that time , But I remember the thunderous applause and the teacher's cheers that day . My father said , It's my own excellence , But I think it's my father's little white shoes that make me more confident .

A pair of white shoes , It's the carrier of love , It's also wonderful in memory . I always think of the little white shoes my father bought me , I also hope my little brother , I can always remember the best fatherly love he brought to me .

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