Du Mu Ji (landscape) 11-15

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11. Title: Zen temple in Yangzhou

A cicada's noise after the rain , The autumn of pines and osmanthus .

The steps are covered with moss , White birds stay late .

Dusk makes deep trees , The setting sun goes down the building .

Who knows Zhuxi road , Song blowing is Yangzhou ?

Notes on nine songs :

The first six sentences are about scenery , It's like the quiet of Zen wisdom temple , Six sentences and six scenes , They're not related to each other , The last two sentences are combined , Who would have thought that Yangzhou is next to the quiet temple ? Make noise against quietness , One scene at a time , It is worth learning from the technique of tail tie up .12. Village travel

Spring half, Nanyang West , Rousang passed the village dock .

The willow wind , A little bit of rain .

Coir singing and cattle herding , The girl in the skirt .

Half wet dissolving shirt , The host feeds chicken millet .

Notes on nine songs :

I remember what I saw and felt , It's down to the villagers holding a banquet . I feel that the style of this song is not high enough , It's just a simple narrative . Can be compared with Wang Ji's 《 ambition 》 By reference , Wang Ji's feelings blend with the scenery , Bi Xiaodu's song is readable .

ambition ( The tang dynasty · Wang Ji )

At dusk in Donggao , What do you want to rely on ?

All trees are autumn , Only the sun falls on the mountain .

The herdsman drove the calf back , Hunting horses and bringing birds home .

We don't know each other , Long song huaicaiwei .13. Lodge

There is no good companion in the hotel , It's quiet .

The cold lamp thinks of the past , Break wild goose police worry sleep .

Dreams come back to dawn , From home to the next year .

Xiangjiang good smoke month , A fishing boat .

Notes on nine songs :

The last couplet contains , A river of smoke is tied to a fishing boat , Little Duke sleeps in a foreign land , Cold lamp dreams far away , I can't enjoy the beautiful scenery at this time , Sorrow and beauty melt together . I feel that there are some flaws : Old story 、 It's dawn 、 Next year , It's all about time , Lack of space level of vast desolation .14. Chizhou Nongshui Pavilion

Qingxi looks at the place and thinks for a long time , Not only the present but also the past .

I'm like a mirror , Shine on white fireflies like gulls .

The country is beautiful, the poet's house is beautiful , The long drum urges the boat .

There's a horn blowing all the time , The setting sun rises from Jiufeng building .

Notes on nine songs :

The second sentence always starts with the whole poem , The past and the present are worried . You're right , miao ! The couplet ends with the scenery , The mood of melancholy , Implicitly .15. There are six long sentences in Chang'an ( firstly )

Gu Gu and Jin Bi shine on the mountain , Wang Guozhang holds ochre robe .

Lick the pen and lead the horse , Praising the merits and praising the doctrines, despising Xiao Cao .

The southeast building is covered with pearls , Northwest Tianwan jade Erhao .

There's nothing wrong with a cosmopolitan family , The general weeps frost hair with the mirror .

Notes on nine songs :

A work of praise , A place where generals are useless , On the side, it says that the world is flat , good .

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