it is life

2021-04-29 22:57:29  作者:Photography

Life is always full of accidents , I thought I could , It turns out that I'm too confident .

A lot of things are out of control , It's also like the years passing quietly at the fingertips , Until you're grey , Wrinkles all over my face , You just know the meaning of life .

I'm always used to running away , Forget who said it , Children curling up and sleeping on their knees , It's extremely insecure , Children sleeping with cold hands and feet , Is extremely in need of love , And the funny thing is , My sleep is a combination of the two , But what does that prove , What privilege can that give me , Capricious ? selfish ? Or just want to continue to draw the right of others to love ?

confused , I'm not sure about myself , Not sure about others , Or doubts about the meaning of life ? It's crying or laughing , You have to be given a mirror to see it . Is it bitter or sweet , It's five flavors in your sauce . Wish or regret , But I can't judge the final result for you .

All the thinking is just self righteous , All belief is just wishful thinking , Everything is just a mirror .

Get hurt , Grow up , got it , I understand , When you have , And then lost , Recycle... Recycle , Until the end of life , It's a big game , And named life by God .

So this is life , It turned out to be life .

So this is life —— Everything is unknown, uncertain . So you have to be lenient with yourself , And treat others leniently . When you don't get angry or sad about small things , You'll be a lot easier . So it's hard to forgive the complicated world and yearn for simplicity, but it's hard to maintain simplicity .