Spring at my door

2021-04-29 22:48:07  作者:Photography

March , From the south of the Yangtze River with beautiful spring and blooming flowers , Back home in the Northwest . It's Qingming Festival , But outside Yumen pass , Urumqi, to the north of Tianshan Mountain, is still covered with snow , The scene of withered branches and yellow grass , The pace of spring is much slower than our wheels .

Spring rain during Qingming Festival , Then the grass began to turn green , The treetops also have yellow green . We are looking forward to , Looking forward to the coming spring . Suddenly one day , Get up in the morning and look out the window , o , The apricot blossomed ! All of a sudden, the pink apricot blossoms all over the tree , So enthusiastic , So neat , So amazing . Here we are , Apricot blossom is the earliest flower in spring , It also has a very short flowering period . Every year at this time, many flower chasers go from south to north to see apricot flowers in different places . The apricot orchard in tokson , Wild apricot forest in Xinyuan , Emin's mountain apricot flower …. Because I have to look after old people , This year, , We only look at the apricot flowers in the yard .

The children bought peony and daisies and put them in front of our window , Decorate the balcony in spring .

finally , The Begonia flower is budding , flowering plum , Apple blossoms all have some blooming flowers , It's a good time for the rain .

However , Suddenly the temperature drops , The cold of spring makes the temperature change from 25 It's below zero 1 degree , I'm worried that those buds will freeze to death , But in the morning at zero , The bud is still on the branch .

The apple blossom is still on the branch , This year's Apple will be full of branches .

Peony and Daisy are blooming in the room .

a week , The cold wave is finally over , Approaching 5 On the , The flowers in the northwest will open in the end . The temperature rise , All kinds of flowers and trees compete to put on their costumes .

Although I didn't go to the field to see the flowers , But the flowers in the garden are also intoxicating . Every day when the sun rises, I breathe under the flowers and trees , Playing Tai Chi on the green land . Watching the buds bloom into a squeeze , Hot flowers , And watching the petals rain on the grass . Spring is so beautiful and so short .

Some people say , Urumqi has only ten days in spring , It's a little exaggerated , But a month at most , Because there is still a week to go before the beginning of summer . I'm honored to have had two spring this year ,3 From the middle of the month to Qingming , We are walking in the south of the Yangtze River , Willows in Yangzhou thin West Lake , Cherry blossoms in Wuhan …, Spring in the South has always been a fairyland described by the poet , It's the Peach Blossom Land in my dream . From spring in the south to spring in the Northwest , I had the longest spring of my life , Or say , It's two springs .