Bowl of flowers

2021-04-29 22:38:41  作者:Photography

Today's outdoor activities , The children collected bunches of white flowers and gave them to me , I saw that this is not what I remember as a bowl of flowers .

I remember learning a text when I was a child , It's called Da Wan Hua , It happens that there is a kind of wild grass in my hometown , Adults call it bowl and bowl , I naturally put these two plants in one , Confident that the bowl is the bowl flower .

Is my idea right or not , Never thought about it before , And there's no channel for verification , Today I suddenly want to see if it's right , So I click on Baidu's function of recognizing things , To upload pictures , I can't believe it and I have to believe it , ha-ha , I was wrong all the time , This flower is called sand lead grass , A bowl of flowers has its own flowers , It's actually a small Trumpet Flower commonly known as yanfenmiao in our local area ! It's a lot of knowledge !

Sand lead grass ( Our local name is basin and bowl )