On High Speed Rail

2021-04-29 21:55:34  作者:Life journey

today , Back from Xiamen . The bus is late , Almost missed the transfer .

The reason for the delay was that someone was smoking in the car , The combined brake that causes the smoke alarm , It's an emergency stop .

High speed rail , No Smoking , It's something we all know . And there are always people who knowingly do it .

The smoker , Just sitting next to me . I take a very serious look at this person . Woman , Look at the figure 40 s , Wearing a hat , The brim is very low , The facial features are not very clear .

I'm not a smoker , I don't understand the so-called addiction to cigarettes , How hard it's going to be . But as an adult , Abide by social laws and regulations , It's the basic rule .

I'm addicted to smoking , Fine is fine ! Just ignore the rules and regulations , Ignoring the dangers of smoking on high-speed rail .

I don't understand how this man's brain grows ..

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