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Life is a long-distance train , In the past , Passengers get on and off , It's a very common thing , The driver can't pick the passengers to get on the bus , Should also be unable to stop the passengers get off , It's not in accordance with the regulations , It's not polite , But I'm not sure I'll see you at the next stop .

The train was a normal journey , It's just following the track , But it's also full of unknowns , I don't know if there will be any passengers who marvel at the time , Or bring bad disaster , So nervous , Of course , I don't know how many passengers will accompany the driver to the terminal , It's a long journey , If there are no shining passengers to make fun of , It should be boring , But maybe , Drivers can also be self-sufficient , After all, there is something called spiritual food .

Drivers should have the same idea : This man is so interesting , I wish the terminal was the terminal , This train won't be in vain .

But interesting people are getting off the bus , Drivers are not easy to stop , However, the basic rights of human beings and the right to speak can support him to say : I'm also very interesting , Do you want to take my car ?

Or perhaps , There will be more interesting passengers at the next stop .

The same is true of noisy people , I met , You can't get out of the car , You have to follow the rules .

But as a driver , My job is to drive my own car , The scenery along the way is good , No matter who has been here , It doesn't matter , What matters is , After a rough journey , Enjoy the scenery along the way , Informed the passengers , We got to the terminal , No regrets .

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