The scenery is beside us

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According to the following materials , Select the angle , Self made topic , Write not less than 800 A word article ; There is no limit to style , Except poetry . Some people say , Infinite scenery in dangerous peak ; Some people say , Ordinary alleys are also scenery . Discover the scenery , Enjoy the scenery , It's about experience , It's about vision , It's about the mind .

Some people say , Infinite scenery in dangerous peak ; Others say , Ordinary alleys are also scenery . Actually , I want to say that the scenery may not be far away , As long as we have the heart , The scenery is around .

After Tao Yuanming returned to the countryside , write down “ Picking chrysanthemums under the east hedge , Leisurely see the south mountain ”, It's a return to freedom , Sigh after the mind is completely released . Actually , The scenery is not far away from us , it , Right next to us . We just need to get rid of the world for a while , You can find the scenery in ordinary alleys , In the ordinary sun and the moon, the little really lucky .

Stay in a place for a long time , Always want to escape , The world is so big , I want to see it . So people carry their bags , Start running all over the world , When I come back , Tired all over , nothing , It's just that there are a few more photos in the phone . Is that what we're traveling for ? Is this our original intention to see the world ? Nature is not !

We see the world , You can't just watch the noise , We should see something deeper . If you look at the scenery like this , Better not look at .

In fact, scenery has nothing to do with distance , It's nothing to do with popularity , It's about mood !

Hong Yingming is in 《 Caigen talk 》 In the said :“ Watch the flowers bloom and fall , Sit and watch the clouds rolling and relaxing .” Look down at the flowers , Look up at the clouds , Flowers bloom and fall , Clouds roll and clouds ease , Life is full of scenery , He's talking about mood , You see , Look at the scenery , All by heart , Nothing else .

Modern people are coerced by life , I lost my original intention , This point , We might as well learn from the ancients , Forget the troubles of life , Blend into nature , To discover , To find their own scenery . you 're right , People are social , But it's more natural . The reason why Tao Gong can appreciate the beauty of Nanshan , It's all in the mood ; Wang Yangming's unity of knowledge and action , Why not be in the mood . We just need to let go of the shackles , Looking at nature with heart , Blend into nature , You can find the scenery around you .

Have we ever listened to the singing of birds ? We've seen ants move in earnest ? Is the stream in front of my hometown just a river ? How long has it been since we asked ourselves , How long have we neglected the scenery along the way !

Fable's 《 Insects 》, Everyone has seen . Without his love of life and his obsession with insects , How can it spread through the ages , For Fable , Insects are the beautiful scenery around him .

The scenery may not be far away , Not necessarily in famous mountains and rivers 、 Mountains and oceans ; The scenery is in the heart , In mind , In feeling .

As long as you care , A crowded Park , You can also hear the flowing water under the bridge ; As long as you care , On both sides of the road , You also hear the birds singing . Calm down , You'll find scenery everywhere .

So , The scenery may not be on the dangerous peak , It's in an ordinary alley . Naturally, we don't have to go to the distance to pursue the scenery , If you will , The scenery can be in our hearts ; And when we put our heart into it , Beautiful scenery can also be found in ordinary alleys .

Why bother to look for the distance ! Living in a poor house , The heart swims ten thousand Ren , It's for free travel . Ancient people are not only bullies but also !

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