Walking stone (16) graffiti

2021-04-29 21:41:00  作者:Photography

It's not easy to carve out a few sketches in April .

I always like landscape painting , Because I like green mountains and green waters , I like the magnificent mountains , I like the majestic mountains , So this has always been the direction of my heart . It's a pity that the , Only Hongshan can be seen in my hometown , Water is a scarce resource . When it comes to this, I really want to go out for a walk , Look at old friends , To Lijiang, Yunnan 、 sanya 、 Tibet and so on , Daydream first , ha-ha .

Flower cat's dream is pink and sweet , I feel like I'm back to my childhood in my sleep , Found the tracks of the grey cat , Since then, I have been walking with grey cat .

Weeping willows flutter in the wind , The thirsty earth is reborn , It's a timely help , Coming back to life .

The shining golden land is prosperous , After the revitalization of rural construction, the beautiful countryside is picturesque .

Under the cherry trees, the blue sky and white clouds echo the green space , It's like paradise .

Looking at the golden autumn , You and I are the treasure . The autumn is full of fruits .

Ran's essay

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