What are you talking about

2021-04-29 21:40:54  作者:Photography

I really don't know what to say, just talk about the weather , When I go out in the morning , The temperature on the car is like this

Waiting for the traffic lights , The sky is like this

And when I get home from work in the afternoon , The temperature on the car is like this

The night before yesterday, it was so hot that I had to change my bed every hour , you 're right , High bed at ten , At eleven o'clock it was too hot to climb out of bed , An hour later, I climb up the high bed again , The next night, I was awakened by the sudden cooling , Shivering all night , But I can't bear to get out of bed at dawn , It's exactly like waking up in the morning in winter , It's all about perseverance to get up .

What's the matter with the weather ?

I'm worried every day when I go out , How to dress when you go out all day so that you don't freeze and sweat all afternoon

We can't decide the weather , however , We can decide where we want to look , This is the moon of the 16th lunar calendar , Share with you .

And this sentence is seen on the computer screen saver , And share it with you .