Enjoy gingko 8

2021-04-29 21:40:48  作者:Photography

The colors of early winter in the South , Feel the red like fire 、 As yellow as gold , This is the soul of the mountain .

In our mountain area, there are many villages at high altitude . The purpose of the villagers' planting is to leave some pocket money for their descendants ( Because ginkgo fruit takes a long time to grow, and the life of the tree is very long ) So it's not rare , Watch the Internet red clock out every time the ginkgo leaf yellow , the house is crowded in every part . And some of them charge tickets .

** Reluctant to leave this 500 year old original ginkgo tree, we continue to search in this open mountain village 、、、**

Though fallen leaves , But there is no decadence and depression , There's heating all over the place .